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    Once I sell the G23 slide and mags the cost of this will be $20 for the G19 I just assembled. I had a gift card for $100 that I used on the 23 also that automatically dropped the price to $299 and if I can get $280 ish for the slide and both mags.... :)

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    Unless you're shooting 10mm or .357 Sig, the discussion is moot.

    There is no appreciable difference in .38spc, 9mm, and .45acp in regards to their terminal effect on soft targets. The advantage to 9mm is the lessened recoil and ability to carry more bb's in your pistol.

    I think being able to fire more, and faster well aimed shots makes 9mm better.
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    There is one good reason for having a couple of 40 caliber guns: ammo availability. During the Great Hoardings of the past few elections and post-shooting panic buys, around our area of operation you couldn't find 9mm to (quite literally!) save you life. 45 was pretty hard to find, too. But 40 was still around here and there. And in a SHTF scenario diversity (in this case) can be prudent.

    I still have a G23 and a G27 that I used to carry in the 1990s. Their grips are heavily modified and they're a little banged up from the training classes I took back then, so I never seriously thought about trying to trade or sell them. After seeing the ebb and flow of logistics, I'm keeping them, along with the stack of magazines and the couple of thousand rounds of ammo I still have. You know, just in case.
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    You're not too. I have no challenge managing .40 recoil...

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    The op was
    how capable at distance is the .40 round?
    Accuracy wise and trajectory wise I am not sure about the .40 vs maximal terminal effect relative for distance compared to a 9x19 mm. If you use the heavier slugs it should in theory be deadlier at extreme ranges, but that would way beyond the practical range of trying to hit anything.
    I seem to recall Elmer Keith talking about firing a .45 colt revolver at an outhouse at 500 yards and IIRC the slugs penetrated the seasoned 1 inch thick boards and he figured this would be enough to badly wound or even kill someone. I think you can get 180 gr bullet to over 900 fps in the 40. Not sure how that would compare to the old factory load of a .45 cal 255 grain slug at extreme ranges.

    I think the OP goal is likely interested for closer ranges not to exceed 100 yards maybe less. I am interested also since due to price and availability I now have a like new G22 set up with an Armbrace from SI. I still need to get the other things. As mentioned conversion to .357 sig is also possible.
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    Default Glock 22 and 23 range?

    All I had then was a G22 I think. I didnít see myself getting a Suarez 9mm slide so the prevailing thought was to have my G22 milled and really, wanted to know if the pistol could keep up in the same scenarios the 9mm versions would.

    Now, I have two RMR cut slides, two on the way, all four for 9mm.

    Edit to add: I remember also, I had JUST acquired an LEO trade in G22 and thought it was too hard to make it a 9mm. Ha! I was way overthinking the entire bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Papa View Post
    A barrel change gets you a .357 SIG. And as you point out, you can change out ejector and slide for 9mm.

    Don't care much for the .40 either. It's our duty round. Our SOP says .40 or .45, no 9mm except backup or off duty.
    Stupid rules lead to workarounds: at one time I carried an M9 for "backup" with a 30 round magazine.

    I usually carry a G21. Got pissed at admin recently and started carrying their .40. I'll get over this childish behavior soon.
    Nah. I used to think I'd "outgrow" that stuff. Never did. At 62 I still catch myself doing something I probably shouldn't have done. Part way through "that little voice in my head" speaks up and says something like, "What are you doing? You're going to get hurt, caught, in trouble, hurt somebody's feelings", (family), etc., etc.

    I'm getting to the point where I'm just glad I've got a consistent personality and I don't let the beliefs of weaker people sway me from my beliefs.

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    Ha. Went back to the 21. 9mm now authorized, and I've qualified two 17s and a 26 in addition. For some reason, despite the work and expense involved, I'm having difficulty putting the 21 away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopherloaf View Post
    I keep getting deals people are throwing at me on Glock 22s and 23s. Sometimes these seem to be too good to pass up but I switched all my carry stuff over to 9mm.

    I guess my question is, how capable at distance is the .40 round? I used to exclusively carry the .40 but once I arrived to this site, I wanted to stick with what was A. better performing at distance, and B. a tad less expensive.

    On the other hand, I guess I could pick these up and convert the internals to 9mm and buy Suarez slides.
    It depends.... Personally I think you're asking the wrong questions.

    1) is there any reason for having a .40
    2) am I capable enough to make hits at distance with a .40.

    if you can't answer both in the affirmative, don't get it.
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    The OP is sort of a moot point for me now, considering I asked over two years ago. I have 9mm stuff currently and more in the mail as we speak. And plenty of ammo.

    Is it something Iím sort of curious about still? Maybe. Sure. It might be fun to know off hand. Itís just not important to me right now.

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