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    Default AAR: CRG-5 with Randy Harris, 9/17-9/18, Chattanooga TN

    CRG-5: Zero to Five Feet Gunfighting is all about fighting. We all know that a reactive gunfight isn’t going to be as easy as drawing our 1911, getting a perfect sight picture on the bad guy’s chest and hammering two rounds in quick succession. We’re probably going to have to defend against strikes or an incoming knife stab and work to even access our gun. In fact, the fight may start on the ground with multiple people coming at you with knives. This is the class where you learn to deal with these situations.

    I knew this class was going to be different than others I’ve taken, because it started not with a live-fire drill, but with Randy teaching us about striking. We learned simple (but highly effective) elbows, knees, stomp kicks and other strikes that we used throughout the two days. Learning these strikes set the tone for the course: Shooting the bad guy is good, but you have to fight to get to that point. Even though I’ve had a number of years of martial arts training, I still learned plenty from this section. Randy did a great job of only teaching what works.

    We also covered how to defend against someone trying to stab you and someone sticking a gun in your face. Randy taught us how to mitigate the weapon, counter attack, get superior positioning, then access the firearm. The hardest part was not accessing the firearm prematurely, which would allow your opponent to get control of your weapon. Frequently, we fought for a long time (or what seemed like it) before we had an opportunity to successfully access a pistol. Understanding this timing is the key to success for this distance interval.

    We also spent quite a bit of time working from the ground, which was, in my opinion, the most interesting section of the course. We practiced against multiple standing opponents while we were on our backs, as well as against an opponent in the mount position, side mount and in our guard. If I could change anything about the course, it would be to expand the class to three days and add more ground time.

    We finished the FoF section of the class practicing scenarios. We’d start with our back to the opponent, and when Randy told us to turn around, we’d have to deal with whatever was occurring. This was a lot of fun and a chance to learn a lot.

    Only about two hours of the class was live fire; the remainder was spent with blue guns and airsoft. As much as I enjoy shooting, I thought that was a perfect ratio for this course. Because this training is so dynamic, most of it needs to be done against live opponents. But it was nice to try the techniques with a live weapon after getting the process down.

    I should mention too that Randy Harris isn’t your average instructor. He’s not loud, boisterous, or even extroverted. He’s a quiet professional who’s both an expert in firearm combatives and a superb teacher. He’s able to show you how to use simple techniques to prevail in complex and chaotic situations—scenarios where a calm, confident teaching style translates really well.

    If you’ve already taken Force-on-Force, CRG-5 is the perfect next step. It will bring your gunfighting skills to a whole new level, allowing you to get comfortable even in bad-breath distance. In the age of terrorism and the Istanbul Drill, it’s easy to forget that we still need to be prepared against a mugger in the parking lot or a teenager playing the knockout game. I agree that we all need to be ready to put anchor shots into a suicide bomber’s head (in fact, I just wrapped up taking TASI). However, we’re statistically more likely to face a junkie trying to stab us. This class teaches you how to defeat the latter, and is (in my opinion) a required course for anyone who carries a gun.

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    Thanks for the review Eric. Always good to have you and your dad in class.
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