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    Default FOF with Practice Knives

    This past week I've been taking my practice knives (modeled after the GNS and GU) to the gym and practicing force on force with the guys there. (You know you have a good gym when you can practice skills like this openly!) If my normal practise partners were not training at the time I would find any friends that would happen to be there and ask if they wanted to give it a go.

    On round one it wouldn't be much of a match and in the following rounds they would quickly start to see ways that they could improve and becoming more comfortable with what to expect. We also ran drills with one person unarmed having to defend against a knife and those where by far the hardest. It really opened up my eyes to just how VITAL and how much of an advantage you get by having a weapon, ANYTHING; at your disposal.

    It was encouraging to see how just 5-10 minutes of practice is able to put someone on a totally different level if they found themselves in a position where they had to defend or confront an attacker with a knife. Before they would have been completely helpless even if they had a weapon while afterwards they would most likely have the upper hand or at least be on par against the would be attacker.

    While I always try to carry some type of weapon on me these drills have really driven home WHY I should always carry something with me.

    What do you do for your force on force training? Are there any tools or methods that you have integrated to get the most out of it?
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    Working with scenarios has helped me a big deal. While unarmed combat training is vital it's just another tool. The ability to work in a realistic scenario is important I think. Usually we do this in our close combat classes, but it also works for classes with pepper sprays and guns.

    This is also important because carrying a gun over here in Switzerland is not an option, as it's not legal unless you're a cop. But there are other options, almost anything can be a weapon if you have an open mind.

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