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    Default Magazine changes

    Am I the only one that was surprised,that 58 years of using the right thumb to eject the mag,that I was unable to with the PDW brace.??? I am now using the left hand to eject the mag.Please tell me I am full of it,and am just not smart enough to use the right thumb. Doug
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    1). Use an extended magazine release button

    2). Use the left thumb

    3). Grow a longer right thumb
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    I have short thumbs too so when running a pistol I articulate it in my hand when removing the mag so I can reach. Can't do that with the brace on. Just train for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    3)Grow a longer right thumb
    I've got to figure out some way to incorporate that into a sig line...
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    Same as the CX4, I have to use my left hand for mag release.

    I am looking forward to my PDW G17 from Suarez. In some ways the Glock PDW offers the same unique selling proposition of magazine compatibility, but between Glocks instead of Berettas.

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    I will continue to train with the left thumb,as for growing the right I don't think so.But I appreciate the input.Doug
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    I trained the left thumb when I first got the PDW kit, then I dug the extended mag release out of my parts bin once I remembered I had one. It is installed, I use it with the right thumb sometimes. My default is the left depresses and removes the onboard empty.

    The single handed reload ain't pretty put it is functional, should the need be there.


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    I've worked a lot with the PDW by now and agree 100% with Gabe's assessment.

    I won't use an extended mag release on an EDC pistol but I think it belongs on a dedicated PDW.

    I practice mag changes with both left and right, and find I use my left hand a lot more.

    As for growing longer appendages...well if I had my choice I wouldn't start with my thumb.
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    This is something I've been working with as well. Using my left thumb doesn't seem ideal to me, because it makes ripping a mag out less positive, trying to push the mag release and pull the mag with the same hand.

    I prefer shifting my grip a little and using my right middle finger on the mag release. That might still be difficult for people with short appendages though.

    I'm also using gen4 Glocks; the mag release is a little different, not sure how much that affects things.

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    Just set up my GPDW and ran a few mags through it. Awkward as f@#k on the mag change, but pro's out weigh the cons, and thus I shall evolve. And train and train and trainIMG_20160912_122314046.jpg

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