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    Default Glock Like Airsoft Pistol

    I am considering taking a Force on Force Class in October and need a quality Glock like pistol for the class.

    I've done some research and KWA seems to be the leading US model, even though it doesn't appear it will feel anything like my Glock. I've also found Tokyo Marui G17 which looks to be nearly identical to the Glock.

    The price between the two is pretty close, shipping is a little difference, but not too bad. I prefer to have the highest quality that I can afford.

    Which do you guys use and prefer? Would one be good for the class or would you recommend a spare? (I never attend a pistol class without a spare)

    Thanks for all the help.
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    Tokyo marui by a long shot. You should be fine with just one

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    I purchased two of the original KWA pistols years ago when they were exact copies of the Glock (even had weighted magazines). Since that time, there has been a lot of litigation going on with Glock and copy infringement issues. I would agree with grim416 that the Tokyo Marui G17 would be a suitable replacement. Extra magazines would be a good idea, the entire pistol, not so much.

    Have fun at the Force on Force class - a definite eye opener.
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    The one with the ABS plastic slide is ok? There looks to be some sort of other kit with a metal slide, would that be better? I'm assuming the pistol comes with one mag.

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    Just got the TM pistol. Does NOT fit Glock 17/19 holsters.
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    WE is an exact match for Glock 17 or 19. They even have gen 3 or 4 and black or FDE with the gray slide. I just bought an second one from so a practice partner can use one if he doesn't have one. I don't believe they are making them any more so get it before they are gone.

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    My wife and I own KSC G19 Airsoft trainers. They fit all of our gear, including mag carriers. These are still available if you know where to look.

    Stark is another popular brand, but be advised that while they function well, they aren't as durable, and the G17/19 sized Starks won't fit in G17-family holsters. You'll need to upscale to the 45ACP frame sized accessories.

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    I've been very pleased with my TM Glock guns

    Quote Originally Posted by PCGlock View Post
    Just got the TM pistol. Does NOT fit Glock 17/19 holsters.
    Which holster are you running? They fit in my Archangel fine, maybe a hair snugger.
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    What gas do these guns use? I prefer CO2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PCGlock View Post
    Just got the TM pistol. Does NOT fit Glock 17/19 holsters.
    I've got two of the TM pistols, run them quite a bit and couldn't be happier, they fit everything I have for my G19, no issues whatsoever.

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