Preceding the CRG-3 course, HITS-3 Combat Rifle Marksmanship was a nice bonus add-on to my weekend at The Ridge in Dayton, TN.

Randy's proficiency in teaching the rifle was clearly evident by efficiently cramming two days of instruction into a single day. In the classroom portion, myths were debunked and honest considerations of gear were discussed. Randy covered trajectories and zeroing of the rifle along with a discussion of the marksmanship fundamentals.

Range time included varying target distances and moving through various firing positions as well as mag changes in various shooting positions.

Class finished with a 24 round positional shooting from cover course of fire on 75 yard steel.

I came to the class with prior rifle instruction, but Randy once again provided better understanding and clarity to the platform.

My major take-away from this course was how much gear placement is a hindrance to positional shooting. My abdomen was severely bruised from dropping to the ground often and poking myself with mags, Grab-and-Stab, and pistol.