CRG-3 with Randy Harris was an excellent class. Course material developed our skills beyond what was introduced in CRG-2 this past April. Many students in CRG-3 were present in the recent CRG-2 course and the quality of Randy's teaching was evident as indicated by the speed and ease with which the students moved through the material.

Randy's classroom lecture delivery was spot-on and supplements the physical work on the range.

Advanced techniques are generally fundamentals in more stressful scenarios and that was made obvious trying to clear a feed-way stoppage with weak hand only and shooting from the kneeling position around cover at 15 yards. These courses are excellent at clarifying my weakness.

Primary areas of range time included
  • Single hand shooting and malfunction clearing both strong and weak hand
  • Positional shooting
  • Angular explosive dynamic movement
  • The Inquartata Matrix

My personal greatest enjoyment was shooting steel. There is an excellent positive feedback with hearing the ring of steel and this is not something I am often exposed to doing. Class finished with 100 yard shots on body sized steel of which I made 5 shots of 8 total opportunities. I've never shot beyond 25 yards in my life with a pistol.

My major take-aways are:
  • Weakness in positional shooting at distances greater than 7 yards
  • No such thing as too much dry-fire
  • I must spend more time learning the RMR platform (primarily knowing my elevations)
  • After three days of class, my precision goes to hell.