I had the opportunity of taking HITS - 3 with Randy Harris in Dayton, TN on 8/12/16. I signed up for the combination of HITS 3 & CRG - 3 for the weekend. I will comment on CRG - 3 on Bob Mayne's thread.

This was my first class with SI, and not only was it my first class, it WAS first class!! The bottom line take-away is this: Rise from your seated position and get thee to training! Randy's style of instruction is stellar. He is able to correct, work, and encourage people of all different skill levels without brutishness. He quietly tweaks individual performance in such a way that causes the student to strive for their potential. This is artfully done, Bravo!

We started the Morning with Firearms Safety and the fundamentals of Rifle shooting. We were taught some of the science of trajectory with different common calibers. We discussed modern rifles and why capacity and weight of ammo is a consideration. The pros and cons of how to carry spare mags was discussed in detail. Personal musings and pertinent anecdotes were interspersed throughout.

We then adjourned to the lovely Tennessee hillside for dry work manipulations and position shooting instruction. We worked on reloads in all position both retaining mags and not. Once everyone was comfortable and well versed in the "Dry" world, we began live fire. We worked on proper sighting in procedure and worked on longer shots by days end.

Personally, one affirmation that I received is carrying a back up rifle. I had a broken firing pin in my 556XI with no spare parts. My Arsenal SLR 107F swooped in and saved my day. Even with the less than hi-tech AK iron sights, I was able to account well for shots downrange. I also had additional personal training on breaking the perfect shot while .223 brass is sizzling on my neck! (My shooting neighbor's A2 Ar had a thing for me in it's ejection pattern.)

I could not have been more pleased with my first taste of Suarez International Training and the experienced tuteledge of Randy Harris!