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    Default CRG 3: Advanced Gunfighting with Randy Harris in Dayton, TN

    This past weekend I had the pleasure of training with Randy Harris in Dayton, TN. for a weekend of CRG-3, Advanced Gunfighting. As a student in this class, I can say that, although I had taken this class once before, it was absolutely an incredible training experience. I subscribe to the philosophy that knowledge plus repetition = training.

    Randy's teaching style is outstanding. By that I mean, he does an excellent job of explaining why SI teaches something, as well as how. My biggest take aways are the one handed malfunction clearing (with right and left hand) position shooting, close quarters combatives, and long distance shooting.

    He also kept the class moving at a good pace and offered good individual instruction when needed.

    Moving to the oblique angles was also an excellent skill to practice.

    Do yourself a favor and enroll in his next CRG-3 when you get the chance.
    Bob Mayne
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    Thanks for the review Bob, Randy is top shelf! I hope to catch up with him this year.
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    Thanks guys. I appreciate the kind words. Bob, hope you can make it back out here sometime!
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