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    I have bought from airsoft global accessories and extra mags for my HK sourced KWA G19. They shipped with black electrical tape over any trademarks that may be in conflict of US IPR laws. Prompt email responses as well when I had questions. I won't link the site directly but you can google it easily.

    ETA... I guess my gun is KSC, not KWA... I was recalling my Gas M4, which is KWA.

    As to bringing in goods from HK, I spoke to my freight forwarder rep and even with "personal" use items, I would be putting entire BOL at risk if they happen to find it so he said to just stick to online shopping and keep the exposure low by shipping low qty. At worst, he said they would confiscate. Nothing about airsoft applies to ITAR so its not criminal, only a gray area in IPR (if its even applicable). On a large scale business, I would have to register for this category of goods so its not really worth it...
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