This was my second SI course and I am once again very impressed with the quality of the instruction. Although I have been shooting for many years I wanted to take a "fundamentals" course to ensure that I was maximizing my range time and not reinforcing any bad habits. Randy did a great job at not just teaching the fundamentals but also identifying our current proficiency and challenging us to improve.

We performed a number of drills that were extremely challenging. This course was not just about shooting a silhouette. We engaged most targets from a draw. The targets ranged from 3" dots down to a 1/2" dot. He continued to push us towards more accurate shooting all the while focusing on the fundamentals. We also shot steel from approximately 30 yards, multiple threats, human mannequins and tons of dots.

It was impressive to watch Randy shoot bugs off the targets while we were still trying to hit the 3" dots. It helps having an instructor with his proficiency. I would highly recommend the SI CRG-1 course with Randy Harris and would not hesitate to take another course with him.