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    Good points, Sig. That's using your brain.

    "If your sport does not put grease, blood, or dirt under your fingernails, then it's just a game!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redbug View Post
    Good points, Sig. That's using your brain.
    Thanks Bro.

    I had a similar on range incident with a troubled old man who tried to bait me into a fight. I outweigh him by 30lbs, I've shot with him (he's not very good), and I was joking with him (sort of) and he got in my face and screamed at me "you want a piece of me, let's go". In an instant, literally, I mapped out what I was going to do to him than thought better of it and deescalated.

    I know him well enough to know how to "press his buttons" and said something that I knew would elicit an emotional response, and in so doing I raised both hands in a gesture that would be perceived by a 3rd party as non-threatening, but positioned my hands so I could react quickly if absolutely necessary. The emotional response caused him to start pacing around (away from me) which gave me the excuse to walk back to a bench and start loading up some mag's for my next drill. I kept shooting but kept a careful eye on where he was especially on his hands in case he did something really stupid.

    He was posturing in front of some other guys on the range, but later when it was just the two of us I gently pressed him by saying "what's going on?" He didn't want to tell me but I pushed him a little more and it turned out that a 19yrd old kid he knew all of his life, his son's best friend, had done something stupid on a motorcycle and was being taken off life support as we spoke.

    Could I have put him down? Sure. Did I need to? No.

    Do I trust this guy? No, he's emotionally unstable in many ways.

    But I didn't need to "end him" and I don't plan to unless I have to.

    I win.
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    In order for the underprivileged and inept to feel adequate, the skilled and capable must be made stupid by decree.

    - Gabe Suarez, 12/13/2011

    “If a broad ban on firearms can be upheld based on conjecture that the public might feel safer (while being no safer at all), then the Second Amendment guarantees nothing.”

    - Justice Clarence Thomas

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    Quote Originally Posted by SheepDog68 View Post
    I had neighbors who scared their landlord enough that he wouldn't deal with them even after they stopped paying rent! They liked to shoot at me hoping to get me to leave or at least to not bother them while they stole from me!

    I bought the property from their chicken shit landlord and got them far enough away that shooting at me was harder.

    They continued to harass us daily through 2 trips to court and a trip or two to jail.

    I I finally told another neighbor I was going to put my backhoe to good use next time they came down and they started harassing others instead of me. Judge finally got tired of them and things have been better for everyone since!

    In my case LE was worthless as was court until way into it! I hope NC has a lot better laws than what I was working with!

    You can damn well bet that if a neighbor shoots at me I will be breaking leather and laying down the hate!!!!
    If you knew you would fight for your life tomorrow, would it change the way you train today?

    Rom 13:4 For he is God's minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God's minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil.

    Train today for the things that others won't so tomorrow you can do what others can't

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    Quote Originally Posted by resqr1 View Post
    You can damn well bet that if a neighbor shoots at me I will be breaking leather and laying down the hate!!!!
    Normally yes!

    But shot raining down on you from guys in the woods you can’t see and a drive by that is gone before you can go to guns makes it a twitchy thing just to walk up and shoot them in the face.

    Add to that being the new guy in town starting a business that didn’t want his name in the paper and a mistaken belief that LEO’s would eventually get it right made this last longer than it should have!

    First judge laid down on us as well the one time state had them cold, which are all things I had to learn.

    I grew up in a place where LEO’s knew if you where a shithead and would bang you on the head until you quit bothering nice folks. Allowing shitheads free reign was new to me!

    I also wanted to learn who all they where related to etc so I’d know what I was stepping into!

    Si vis pacem, para bellum!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RayMich View Post
    Except that the problem neighbor it NOT the owner; she is a renter. However, the landlord should have the name.
    Gotcha true x 2. The landlord may have other info as well. My folks own 35 apts & a coupla rental houses, apts & their house on same block. If We were told your deal I'd go politely inquire, next incident the Sole warning, paper on the door by dude in brown car-she'd just opened a new chapter Elsewhere. Landlordhooding Sux!! It's now babysitting adults. I know why the nation is spiraling....

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    Quote Originally Posted by SigPro09 View Post
    I've been involved in multiple neighbor disputes over the years. I've found as I get older and more capable over time, that deescalation is a good first option.

    Consider what you are looking for in terms of outcome. There can be to be sure "primal influences" that make you want to just "end the problem". The challenge of course is that in most situations, that wouldn't end the problem but rather initiate a whole new set of problems.

    There is a difference between a very real and imminent threat of violence and of someone who may live (or as was once in my case, too often be present as a visitor) in close proximity that makes you want to remove them from the gene pool.

    These annoyances quite often were baiting me and I had to choose whether they were going to get into my head, or if I was going to keep mine.

    In one instance, I had to confront someone who was engaging in activity that was illegal. I was forceful, obviously in the right, and non-compliance would have resulted in the immediate and justified call to Law Enforcement to end the problem that way. The problem visitor to my neighbor ceased the offensive activity, their relationship with that neighbor ultimately changed, and that individual is no longer a problem. They are still breathing, but they aren't breathing or annoying me, I win.

    I had a neighbor with 175lb dogs that consistently got out and caused issues because they came on my property and were aggressive toward me. I could have put them down, and probably would have been justified doing so. Instead, I video taped the offensive behavior, sent a short clip to local LE, and while it took a few weeks, ultimately the neighbor was fined twice, was on an escalation path where it was starting to really hurt him financially, and he found it cheaper to fence in his dogs. He got a little "uppity" with me verbally once, but I considered the source. Since then, we've achieved a bit of a truce, can speak civilly to each-other, I win.

    The neighbor on the other side is a real piece of work. He (probably in a "chemically impaired" state) shouted at me when I was taking my dog out for her last "relief walk" of the evening...didn't like that my flashlight spilled onto his property...I was confrontational with him verbally, but stopped short of true "escalation language" where physical conflict would have been unavoidable. There hasn't been an issue since, I keep taking the dog out at night, I shine my flashlight so I can see any critters that might cause a problem (whether two-legged or four), I win.

    Bottom line, choose a path where YOU WIN is the outcome. Sometimes that means you may need to bite your lip a little, or curb your desire to strangle some SOB that richly deserves it, but winning is the desired outcome, so do what it takes to win.
    Man, leave bill & hillary alone! Lol been in similar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGrayMan214 View Post
    I have a big back yard I would happily volunteer to any of the tribe in the area seeking to practice this kind of activity!
    But we Are discussing tactics of sorts, i haven't even mentioned bags of lime & shovels... You Are correct though, combat skills are mostly a mental excercise nowadays. I was a 64C in a mech inf brigade like the other 90% of military But i had Killer commitments in that deuce (i didn't need no stinkin' power steering). Rangers, pathfinders, OCS(apologies, sarge said drive hard), pulled many a howitzer, which is Not conducive to a hangover. Hauled ammo so i spent Lots of time at various ranges-Cadre from All passed priceless knowledge my way And i discovered kimchee(got a few jars now). Any skills i Ever held of a tactical nature came then, i still will not use the word "gun", i have none. Rifles, pistol(handgun) etc, i own Those.... SO get it rolling top, new info or dredging up old will do... Maybe do team training in view of bad neighbors....

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