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    No pictures, and I don't have a hanging target (mine are on the wall, but now you've got me thinking), but I just put up a 3" thick piece of foam (the spongey kind like you see in gun cases, it'll shred the dense "pink board" sheets) and tape a target on it. What it doesn't absorb drops onto old towels I laid directly beneath it. Or a blanket would work. Not a pro setup, but 100% effective. I use it to practice getting off the X.
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    I have used an old bedsheet gathered into a box on the floor and got almost 100% recovery on the BBs.
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    We use pizza boxes stuffed with crinkled-up junk mail and occasionally splurge with Shoot-n-C targets pasted to the boxes.

    Low budget, easy to set up (i.e., multiples), and easy to dispose. No, they don't always retain BBs but my kids know how to run a broom.

    Helps stay tuned up on footwork and dynamic shooting when range options are limited. Kids have a blast learning GOTX as well.

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    I'm brainstorming some creative ways to get more out of this training and to increase the experience.

    I am considering styrofoam heads on top of the boxes. Also, styrofoam heads just placed randomly about the basement at different angles.

    I have a mannequin torso on a floor stand that I could also tape a styrofoam head atop.

    I could buy a BOB.

    Other target companies have full 3D bodies/parts with stands and replaceable components.

    I know nothing beats a live action training partner, but I think I can do better than just boxes for my regular maintenance exercises. If I go beyond my current setup, I'm likely back to bbs all over the floor. I'll deal with bbs on the floor if the training value is increased.
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    I use the USPS flat rate boxes--the larger, flatter ones. They are free. Just pull off the little strips to glue them shut, then set them out as targets. They are roughly COM-sized. You could use the small ones to represent a head shot. My airsoft pistol has just enough juice to consistently penetrate one face of the cardboard, but not the second. So the BBs get trapped inside the box. After a hundred rounds or so, I just trash the whole box and set out a new one.

    For a while, I was doing so much airsoft training that every time I saw a USPS flat-rate box I wanted to draw my pistol.
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    old sheets are a great back stop especially in they're set so the bottom hangs free, for some reason airsoft goes right through polytarps

    the guy who's bb's are going through - are we talking 4.5 mm steel or 6 mm plastic? steel BB penetrate like crazy - and ricochet like a SOB

    as for un-realistic airsoft, I think you're using the wrong airsoft - the 1:1 full metal are darn realistic

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    I do my air soft work outside at night. No reason to trap the pellets. I figure for me there is at least a 75% chance that I will have to fight in the dark rather than during the day.
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