From the book:

"The door chime sounded as the first robber came out of the 7-11. I moved to see who was coming out and I saw the first robber, wearing the characteristic attire of a 1990s LA gangster right out of the cast of Colors. He was running right at me with his pistol pointed at me and began shooting.

Now I will interrupt the flow for a moment to tell you that I was classically trained in isosceles stances and weaver stances and knew the methods taught about shooting both inside and out. By all accounts I should have planted my feet, faced downrange and fired, like a target on the shooting range. I should have done like I had done so many times in the past on the range. But I did not.

I moved left in what we would think was a clumsy sideways scramble as the robber fired. I fired back as I moved. He missed me with six rapidly fired shots that impacted a construction barrier behind me. I shot him in the throat, bypassing the vest I was not yet aware of, and killed him on the spot."

This book details the development and study of modern gunfight simulation training, and discusses what we know up to this point in the study. Exercises and drills are detailed for the reader as well as a great deal of the thought process and developmental ideas that surround them.

80 Pages - Soft Cover

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