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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Payne View Post
    Who gives a flying foxtrot about a fine if your child is in danger? OP, you done good. Your family is safe and you didn't have to shoot, call it a win. Side note, never ask a freaking PD for legal advise. If you ask a dispatcher what the legal course of action is you're already way behind the curve.
    Thank you Jon...
    For real!!!

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    I would have shot the dog, but I have had some prior experiences that lead me to not give them very much leeway when it comes to posturing against people or other animals I care about.

    I almost shot a lab that attacked my dog while on a run. The only things that saved it were a, its proximity to my dog, and b, it's owners came running up just as I was muzzle thumping it in the ribs.

    Like Jon said, it was a win for you. Your daughter is safe, and you didn't have to shoot anything. Great job getting between them and her.

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    You won. Good job!

    You reviewed your actions and performance so as to learn from them and possibly alter any future responses. You win again! Good job!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mjn99999 View Post
    You didn't drop the bottle because you haven't conditioned yourself to drop what you are carrying OR to turn it into a defensive tool - situation dependent - when you are under stress and focused on a real potential threat.

    Facing a potential lethal lethal threat is like approaching a Black Hole: If you haven't prepared for it in realistic ways and have base-line responses already programmed-in, everything you think you know changes once you are there.

    We can think about "dropping the bottle" all we want, we can plan to "drop the bottle" all we want, we can role play to "drop the bottle" in no-/low-stress training all we want, but until we actually condition ourselves to automatically "drop the bottle" OR make it a defensive tool in a simulated high-stress encounter, we will likely never "drop the bottle" when we need to until way, WAY past the time we should have.

    This is also why people that no one thinks should, botch cycling pump shotguns so often when the stress level goes up...why people 'forget' to do important things when the big 'it' happens to them (like move off the X)...or why they miss - cleanly - when the threat is inches off their muzzle.

    It isn't unique to you. ALL of us have been there at some point. It's a dot on the learning curve and I imagine you will be better prepared next time.
    Yeah to be honest I haven't ever even mentally walked through scenarios where I have something like groceries or a drink in my hands. Something I need to do, plus go to a FOF class.

    In my defense, I did turn the bottle into a 'weapon' by throwing it in the dogs face...but I did so when I should have just shot the animal instead. :-(

    Thanks Custom II and Dorkface.

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