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    Default WHAT I PLAN TO TEACH IN 2017

    My classes will be limited. There are some things I am not going to bother with because either there is little interest in the country (shotgun is one example), or its not easy for all students to do (hard force on force for another example), and there are plenty of classes available that teach those things to those wanting to learn. I want fat old ladies and fit young men and everyone in between to be able to attend and train in these because the enemy will choose you whether or not you are ready. So everyone will be able to be a better fighter, regardless of age or fitness or ability.

    In 2017 I will teach you how to kill surgically and dispassionately with your pistol. Its what we all carry so that is what I will predominantly be teaching. Everything from elevator combat to engaging active shooters at long range. And while I shoot a red dot pistol and I expect to see a lot of red dot pistols, and if you bought a red dot pistol or slide from me you will get to enroll at a discount, I will teach you even if you bring the plastic sights on your twenty-five year old Gen 1 Glock.

    Basics. I am astounded at how stupid the vast majority of instructors are in the USA. Sure they can all shoot. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting somebody that can shoot. But none of them know how to get YOU to shoot. I do and I will teach you how to be a brain surgeon with your pistol. What those other people say is impossible, I will have you doing in three days. And moreover, you will understand why and how it is you can teach your wife and your kids. You've seen the videos. I know how to make you a better shooter.

    Technical skills. In some cases the classes will focus on technical skills, such as the red dot pistol series. Other times it will be more a software event teaching non-specific material. All are based on operating successfully when you are at your worst. This is not a competition class where I will show you how to shave a nose hair off your reload. This is a class where I will show you how to reload successfully behind cover, in the dark, even if you can't breathe and your eyes are full of blood.

    Gunfighting. I will teach you about proactive and reactive events and why how you deal with them is different. You will see that 99% of everything taught in the USA is optimistically proactive. I will teach you how to prevail there. How to shoot and kill an active shooter or terrorist from across the parking lot without so much as a "how do you do". But I will also teach you what to do when a gunfight was the last thing on your mind but the first thing on the mind of the man you are about to kill.

    The mind and the heart. And I will teach you about developing peace of mind, and the courage that comes from it. We will present the first segment of an upcoming series called Killing Within The Law. So that you know what to do, always...and you know what to say...always...and so that you will have a confidence about the entire events that will astound you with the power that it gives you. And you can ask me anything you wish. I will give you the answer I know...even if it is an unexpected or politically incorrect one.

    That is why this series of classes are labelled "Suarez". Because I am the only one doing them. No staff members will have these available locally for at least the next five years, and there will only be a few places in the USA where these are going to be taught. Once five years are done, so I will be done...and nobody will be imitating what I have to share. Then to paraphrase the war chief...I will teach no more forever.
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