Suarez International's Close Range Gunfighting 2 (CRG-2) two-day course conducted by Randy Harris at The Ridge Firing Range successfully brought together numerous elements of lethal force encounter techniques and tactics into a cohesive logical format. Whereas past instructors of mine presented very similar concepts, they failed to adequately explain the reasoning behind specific actions and justify their value. Randy Harris provided the background and value of each technique presented. CRG-2 essentially filled the gaps in my current understanding of gunfighting and created a holistic approach to dealing with pests.

The Ridge Firing Range located in Dayton, TN sits on the smaller Appalachian foothills and overlooks a gorgeous verdant valley. The owner and resident, Bill Newman, is a hardy sort of man who talks straight and has no time for funny business. He is a man who can quickly take control of his environment and one who naturally carries the air of respect and control. When Bill speaks, people listen. He lives on the range with his wife, their home nestled in the wooded surroundings.
The Ridge offers long range shooting up to 1000 yards and an adjacent airsoft range. I could only glimpse the airsoft range through the trees, but it appeared like a large playground with timber fixtures.

Before any introductions were made, Randy immediately jumped into the classic Four Rules discussion and the two safety checks. I will not say that he was relaxed on safety, but that he expected all of us to behave like big boys and girls. Bill explained that his range was "lukewarm" at all times. You could carry in any condition as you pleased so long as you behaved yourself correctly. We did have exercises where a complete and full "no weapons/ammo on or near" rule was enforced.

Randy's lectures were superb and offered logical paths of thought and myth debunking.

Range Drills
Randy's range drills were methodical and incremental. We began by getting acclimated to the movements dry and increased their steps and speed accordingly before going hot. At all times he remain focused on the firing line ensuring the safe behavior of all students. Many of the drills had me asking, "Why haven't I seen that before? It's so obvious!"

Personal Performance
Having never done any moving and shooting I fully expected to see a terrible grouping on my targets. I was trained at most in the "side-step, stand, and deliver" methods of dynamic movement. By the end of the second day I was quite pleased with my groups. Shooting and moving and hitting at the same time is achievable. To train without this dynamic is to shortchange your development.

I do highly recommend the course and in comparing to many other courses I have taken in the past six years, Suarez International doesn't just stand and deliver, they move and deliver.