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What are the current opinions about the best applications of a 1-6x or 1-8x optic vs a traditional scope like a 3-10x?

I'm very interested to hear about the challenges experienced with target ID. I hear a lot of guys all over the Internet talk in terms of "I can make hits out to xxx yards with my red dot" (I'm assuming that usually means torso hits or hits on a steel target) but I rarely hear guys talk about what it takes to consistently make head shots or do any significant target ID at various distances.

I currently run a red dot on my Recce because it's the only rifle I have, but once I add an AR pistol or SBR I want to put its accuracy potential to good use and stretch its range, so I'm following these conversations with interest as I plan the next optics purchase.
The scenarios in the course does dictate the equipment choice to some extent. Imagine being given a photograph of the target suspect and being told to pick him or her out from amongst six to nine other suspects at 100 yards. You then need to put a bullet through his face. Being able to identify the target becomes a necessity in this course. Don't forget about the heavy mirage, sweat and uncomfortable position either.