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    Default Choir boy key chain question

    Is the choir boy intended to ride on your key chain? The hole feels like it's on the wrong end for "advanced" applications.

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    Its a bottle opener. I just goes in your pocket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gssc View Post
    Is the choir boy intended to ride on your key chain? The hole feels like it's on the wrong end for "advanced" applications.
    throw it in a dishwasher or pour some peroxide on it following advanced applications.....make sure there's no tufts of hair stuck in the lanyard hole.
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    I attach it to my keys going through TSA, take it off and slip it in a pocket immediately after.

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    Mine rides separately in the watch pocket of my jeans.
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    I keep my bottle opener in my pocket with a small section of braided para cord for added nothing to see here folks aesthetics. I actually used it the other day at work to help open a bottle for someone. The guy who I helped knows me a bit and looks as it saying, why to I have the feeling you have that to kill someone with. I smiled and said, it's a fine bottle opener isn't it. I work and a very NPE environment.

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    I loop the paracord back through itself after putting it through the bottle opener hole. I have never used the included lanyard hole. The plus side to doing this is if you put the looped area on the side of the choirboy the paracord can have keys attached or other items and they won't get in the way because they will hang off to the left or right of your hand. This is the best way to use it that I have found. Plus you can twirl your keys around with it as you walk to the car and in a fraction of a second have everything in place. Hope that makes sense in text! At our key station at work almost everyone's keys have a choirboy on them lol.
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    Small batch bourbon bottles don't have pop tops. My Choirboy has the keychain loop thru bottle opener section for flexibility in operation.
    In the off chance I need to open some fair maiden's beer bottle the keychain loop doesn't interfere....

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