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    We hear of the Toronto stabbing and the Israel stabbing. And the memory of the axe attack in NYC lies close at hand. Something I wrote ages ago and has probably been forgotten by everyone whose inbox is inundated with pictures of kittens and such.


    Fred was temporarily incarcerated in county jail until he caught the chain for a nickel at CDC...probably Soledad. He was a convict, and the ink on his arms was a resume of murders and other miscellaneous acts detailing a life of violence. I will say Fred worked for me, and we will leave it at that. His main goal in life at that time was to be able to write to his wife and kids while he was inside. Funny what a pad of paper and a few pencils and envelops can get you.

    I asked him once when we were out of earshot. He had stabbed plenty of enemies in his life, many never accounted for in the legal system.

    "You grab the shank like this", he showed it held in forward grip close to the body. "Slap 'em in the face like this...then run it in hard and fast until he drops. Shank 'em in the guts and in the balls".

    He explained how that worked well against one target...specially if he was bigger than you. There was no squaring off, but rather a pure ambush. "If you have two or three you need to take, grab it like this", he showed reverse grip. "Attack the face, then when they block, trap the hand and stab hard into the neck...leave that guy and go for the next one, then come back for seconds".

    Most good guys that study the knife study from the perceived notion of "defending against the knife". They begin with the premise that they are unarmed and that the bad man has the knife. In reality that is as difficult a place to begin, and one where success will be difficult. For comparison, it is as difficult as facing a skilled gunman already pointed in at 5 yards, finger on the trigger, and you have no gun.

    Why do we do that to ourselves? If at the beginning of the fight, you are thinking, "Oh me ... oh my...I am going to get in legal hot water for this", you have already lost. And sadly, that is the perspective from which most good guys begin the fight.

    Perhaps its time to get the mind right about this subject and leave the nonsense and foolishness aside. If we change the point of view to "a man armed with a knife", the entire table changes. Perhaps it is time to leave the "Unarmed Good Guy facing The Knife Armed bad Guy" illusion and look at reality through different, darker, and more violent eyes.

    Some points from the dark side. If you have to use a knife to fight for your life, things are pretty bad already. You won't defend any of it so don't even think that way. Think of Reginald Denny the day before the LA Riots. If you would have shown him two alternate futures in the next two decades: One of him trim and muscular, a felon, but successful in life because he did not allow three Five-deuce Hoover Crips to kick his ass into the pavement, or Two, Reginald Denny the elephant man with brain damage and a patched up face and mind, but law abiding to the core. Which do you think he'd choose?

    There was a story once about a man in Central America being "followed" by three thugs. It was clear what the outcome would be. But the man in the story decidedly ambushed them by turning a corner into an alley, getting ready and stabbing the first man (probably killing is unknown), stabbing the second man, and then the third man and he ran in opposite directions. That is the sort of "ambush" we are talking about and not a classic "L" ambush or a Richard Ramirez Night Stalker type of ambush. It is getting ahead of the fight and overwhelming the other side with a level of violence they will never match in time to survive you.

    I often tell guys that they need to have the ferocity program prominent on their desktop...and that at any given moment they must be able to call up that destructive beast that relishes the demise and pain of whomever you have deemed an enemy and unleash it on them. Then a moment as if it never happened. That is a skill of emotional control. To explode and to contain. To desire destruction and to make it inconsequential. To be ravenous and to be still.

    "Every man that knows the power of joy in battle knows what it is like when the wolf rises in the heart." (Theodore Roosevelt).

    The wolf needs no morals or justification, or anything else...he is a wolf....he kills...he eats...he sleeps. That is all. Lots of stuff here gents. Lots more than cannot be spoken.

    1). The knife is always with you, even in places where the gun cannot go. Make sure you can hide it, and bring it to bear in a flash.

    2). It becomes the first line of weaponry when the pistol is not available by choice, policy, inaccessibility or loss.

    3). If things have gotten bad enough to need the knife, the use of the knife should be aggressive, brutal and terminal, and not "defensive". Learn to stab hard.

    4). There is a place for using a knife against the unarmed adversary if that adversary is younger, stronger or faster than you are...or more numerous.

    5). There is a place for keeping them away with your edge, but there is also a place for closing and stabbing preemptively. See Fred's advice.

    6). A knife worthy of combat carry should facilitate stabbing and be simple and instinctive to use. Cuts and slashes will be messy but rarely kill...stabs...deep stabs to the neck and the vitals will usually be fatal.

    7). The more complicated and complex a knife is, and the more elaborate its system of use, the less desirable it is.

    8). Conversely, the simpler the knife and the system and more gross motor dependant it is, the better it will do in a fight.

    9). A fixed blade is more desirable than a folder.

    10). Learn to be violent with your knife
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    There are other advantages associated with a stabbing/cutting weapon. They are very easy to come by. Anyone can obtain an implement that will stab.
    The earliest swords and knives by modern standards were made of very inferior metal, but they were used for killing nevertheless with great efficiency. While the first weapon may have been a rock, hominids have been stabbing game and each other, even if it was just a sharp stick for longer than we have been men.

    Yes the knife a valid weapon for close quarters work that is easy to obtain and that the politicians will be unlikely to take away from us.

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    I have also noticed a lot on defensive knife training as well, people need to start thinking offensive. It's like you, planting the seed for headshots and iwb carry. 99% of the time you won't ever be fighting a dogbrother or who ever so the need to have a drawn out James Dean style knife fight diminishes. The only thought in your attackers mind is to kill you. The quicker you act, the less likely you will die from a stab wound.

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    From clear perspective comes a clear description of the mindset needed to win and the practical reality when applying the tool.
    A wicked dose of Suarezism!
    Thanks Gabe
    Ted Demosthenes
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    From Murphy's Laws of Combat: "Incoming has the right-of-way" (so, GTFOTX!!)

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    Good stuff, as always.

    Knife is one of my favorite subjects... Sheer violence is what makes the knife the caliber of weapon it has been since the first guy with a something sharp realized he could cut another dude.
    I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy.

    When every instant counts, help is only minutes away...

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    I've been a loyal WT disciple for a few years now. Before I always had a folder, now it's a grab n stab 90 % of the time or a gang unit as the minimum allowed. The last thing I did with a folder was opened the box my first grab n stab came in

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    I am interested in something that will pass the scanning equipment present in many entrances for public places. Chop sticks I am thinking are not a good idea.

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    As we used to say "AND THERE IT IS" outstanding
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    Quote Originally Posted by barnetmill View Post
    I am interested in something that will pass the scanning equipment present in many entrances for public places. Chop sticks I am thinking are not a good idea.
    The fiberglass knives from Cold Steel, AG Russell, Choate, etc. should work. G-10 knives will have better cutting ability but still not as good as steel. Some people sell old-fashioned knives knapped from obsidian or flint.

    Some metal detectors can detect even the foil in gum wrappers so titanium knives won't be a good idea.

    You could carve a knife from hardwood, cut one out of a piece of ceramic, or something along those lines.
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    Aggressiveness is one of the first things we teach in our knife classes. Knife training really instills that, and everyone should get to training with the blade. There are just too many times when we can't have the gun, but the knife, and the training that goes with it, can be carried everywhere. Come to class and we'll show you how!


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