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    I bought a Saiga 7.62x39 recently. I remember seeing a stock for the Saiga that did not require moving the trigger. Anyone know where to find it? I can't remember the brand name.

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    MOVE the trigger--Trust me nuf' said

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    Definitely move the trigger. I have 2 saigas, also 7.62x39, and I have a conversion kit for one of them, but too many projects plus our daughter due in a couple months.... just havent found the time to do it.

    The Rube-Goldberg inspired contraption that is the saiga trigger is bad... once youve dryfired a true ak trigger and then gone back to an unconverted saiga, you will cringe about even taking it to the range until youve fixed it.

    Trust me on this one. There are well made kits out there that will not destroy your pocketbook, and if you decide to convert it yourself, take your time, research, and do it right... its a lot easier than youd think. Break it down to 2 hours a weekend if you have patience issues.

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