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    Finished mag pul stock installation on the 870. Installed new weapon light on the AR pistol, and moved that older one to the 870's forearm mount. Dry cycled the 870 500 times or so. Stacked various buckshot for pattern testing this weekend. (You might have deduced that I am updating the house shotgun...)

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    I dryfired for an hour. 30 min from concealment, 30 min with AR doing rifle reloads and transistions. Oh and placed an order with SI for a magwell for my competition 41.

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    Dry fired in low light indoors, loaded spare mags, toughened the hands with knuckle push ups on old asphalt, and threw rocks at ground squirrels during hill climb repeats.

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    I got my hands on a 2A Armament Balios light AR, four pounds and 13 ounces. I slapped a Sig optics Romeo 4 on it, zeroed it, and took it for a spin. Great gear and a ton of fun.

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    I shot a handful of different rounds at steel and aluminum plates, to compare penetration of the new 90gr ED bullet from Lehigh. Also went up in the snow and shot a bunch of rounds, and worked out the Glock/Endo/Shockwave combo. I'm really liking it.

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    Wiped down my SI RMRd G-19 and dry practiced while watching Man on Fire
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post
    Wiped down my SI RMRd G-19 and dry practiced while watching Man on Fire
    Did you paint your materpiece?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post
    Wiped down my SI RMRd G-19 and dry practiced while watching Man on Fire
    It's hard to watch that movie without something to hold on too!

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    Most of the day I just puttered around being a veterinarian with a Sig P938 in my pocket. Over lunch I re-scoped a couple of rifles.
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    Small blade day.

    Played with different sheath positions and access for the Gang Unit and several different push knives and neck knives and small daggers, hacked up a bunch of plastic and cardboard and wood trim scraps.

    Finished up with working the heavy bag with a pair of jacks and a pair of saps. Thinking about kydex belt holsters for a couple of the jacks.

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