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    Quote Originally Posted by Fjordforder View Post
    Looks like it was a great time, Steve. We`re gonna have to schedule a playdate for your LE6920 and my AKS74. And your G34 and my P2022!
    Let's line something up this summer!
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    If I can get time off - gotta make myself look good to the boss at the new job, lol.


    I`ve also got a retired VDV buddy who`ll be visiting the US sometime in the near-ish future. If I can convince him to come out here we could introduce him to American shooters. He tells me the only American gun he`s used was a basic, govt 1911, although he puts "M-Type" stocks on his airsoft stuff, since that`s the best he can really do.
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    Been working on my Duck Bill project. So far Ive got three different models I'm working to iron out...

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