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    Aug 2015
    Took a young man who works for me to the range. He's willing to spend money on quality guns and knows how to shoot, theoretically, but as Brent pointed out in a recent post, he hadn't bridged the gap between theory and reality. With a little work, he was more consistent with his hits. Next we'll work on timing. I got to knock the dust out of my Hi Power. It may become my barbecue gun. Time well spent.

    Jim Miller
    ISA 6:8

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    Atlanta, GA
    Dry fire. Took out my S&w 1917 ( Mfg Sept 1918) and my S42 (Mauser) 1939 P-08 Luger cleaned, lubed, and put them back to bed.
    NRA Pistol Instructor
    HITS - 3, 8/12/16
    CRG - 3, 8/13 - 8/14/16
    RGF - 2, 7/15 - 7/16/17
    CRG - 5, 7/7 - 7/8/18
    TN/GA/AL Training Group

    "40 shots rang out....40 people fell. Patti and the Killer missed each other, but they shot that town to Hell!"
    Cow Patti, Jim Stafford via Randy Harris

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    Installed "G" conversion in the 92C, with the usual amount of cussing but a lot less time. Lost one of the extra plungers and springs, which is why Beretta provides spares.

    No blood or other injuries. That's progress.
    Warrior for the working day.

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    No cartridge involved; rather just dry fire, drawing, mag changes and knife exercises with both folder and fixed blades

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