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    Consistently score 40/40 on the qual, so they made me the RSO and didn't let me train with the rest of the crew. I was kind of disappointed till the end of the day when they left two FNH M16A2 rifles + 1k rounds of M855A1 EPR and said, "Thanks. Go ham."

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    Default What did YOU do today with weapons?

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    Spent yesterday with LawDog. He observed while I taught a TX LTC class. Afterward we shot our CZ Scorpions and shot the shit.

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    Don’t let him talk you out of your Calvin’s JP...};-]

    And why’s El Dawg in the RofT??

    Did I miss that brief??
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    More AE mysteries today: transferring the fire group parts from a straight to curved tang (what a b****!), then fitting a curved lever and semi-pistol grip stock.

    Shoot it along with my Langdon TJIB Beretta tomorrow.
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