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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeromy Hasenkamp View Post
    Hmm.. I might know a guy that could help u out with the UTM part . ;-)

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    Heard that guy was a member here!?
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    Finally got to the range yesterday to actually shoot. Just some casual plinking with some Christmas gift ammo. Ran several mags thru the G-19, popping spent shotgun shells, etc. Need to sandbag it for group; seemed a little to the left at 50yds on the plate rack. Maybe I'm just rusty.
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    Began shopping for new boots. Kicked myself (no pun) for looking at boots when I need new mag bodies.

    Put 30 Wolf SP 5.45 through the AKS-74. Not a single problem throughout. Making me suspicious, considering last time I couldn`t get past 4 rounds before a hiccup. The story goes that Wolf took .223 SPs and swaged them to .221 for a 5.45, so the bullet is much smaller than an FMJ or HP. That of course leads to problems feeding. They fire and eject fine though.
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    Installed a budget (Guntec) free float tube on my beater AR. I had to make a wrench to torque the barrel nut because a Crescent wrench tightened to "precisely 30 ft./lbs." just seemed to be, ahh, a little vague. The tube is really light, which makes me wonder about its durability. That's why it went on the beater..

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    bought a new 20 inch AR10 upper.

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    I installed a GFA & black rubber Talon's
    on the 17.4 frame that I just ordered
    from SI. I using the slide & barrel that
    was displaced off of my original 17,
    when I bought my RMR cut slide &
    tactical barrel, also from SI.

    It has the best oem trigger of the all
    the Glocks I own, or have ever handled.
    I think I am going to leave it alone.

    I also just finished reloading 1000 rounds
    9mm range ammo. I have another 1000
    to go. Then I'll start on the .40 & .45.

    Lastly, I think I have finalized my plan for
    my night carbine. It will have a red dot,
    OTAL, WML White/IR & magpul furniture.
    I am waiting on the last box of parts
    to arrive for that.

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