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    Quote Originally Posted by Joatmon View Post
    the fact is the design of the barrel does cause some lead to be left behind.
    No, it doesn't. Sorry you've been mislead, but I'm done with this one since you're more interested in proving your point than learning something.

    As for barrel recommendations, if you want something good - KKM or one of Gabes barrels. Bar-Sto is good too but not plug and play.

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    I used to shoot a lot of lead bullets in my G21. I never had a problem except for it's firing out of battery. Went back to jacketed rounds and never had the problem again.
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    Edit:Nevermind. Not the thread for this.
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    I am not cheap.

    But looking for a G35 conversion to 9mm barrel. Just because.

    No Faceshooter available.

    Still recommend KKM Precison or Bar-Sto Precision?

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    I was gifted my first Glock, a G21, when they were still called Tupperware in the late 80s. The guys at the cop shop thought it was a good joke to pull on me and sold one to the wife. Because she noticed, I started to carry it and got hooked. I used to shoot in a league and reloaded my own cast 45ACP. I did not hear of the rumor that lead did not mix with Glocks. I always shot some hardball out of my 1911s after lead to make cleaning easier. I did this with the G21 and never had a problem from my lead reloads. Shooting 200-500 per session was normal. My cast bullets were fairly hard. No problems with my usual couple of mags of hardball to clean the lead out at the end of the day.


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