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    Default Finger groove removal

    Wondering how common a modification this is.I removed mine yesterday and was surprised how little difference it made.

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    the biggest difference I've noticed between grooved and non grooved guns is when you wear gloves and when you put a grip activated light or laser...then the grooves are in the wrong place.

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    In my opinion, it totally depends on your hands... If your fingers naturally line up with the grooves then you won't notice much of a difference with removal, but if your hand is big enough that your fingers do not line up then will you find removal to be a great improvement.

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    4 out of 5 of my builds these days have the finger grooves removed. Glock has again removed the finger grooves. May not make enough of a difference to you, but enough people hated them that they're gone. That being said, no if you don't spend the time to re-contour the front end, it wont make much of a difference since you have the exact same size grip. If you want to gain any benefit from removing the finger grooves, you need to reshape your front end. There's a reason we offer it. If there wasn't a way it would make a difference, we wouldn't offer it.

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