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    Born in 1938 (before) started grade school in 1943. Later but still early on I was aware of the two oceans surrounding us. Politicians think only about themselves. 9/11 erased the two oceans. Thus attacks end with the anchoring shot not before.
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    I was straddling the fence of before and now back in the late 1990s when I became ever more conscious of the existence of al-Qa'ida and 'the Afghan Alumni.' I already felt things were going to be bad in 1996 when I saw UBL on TV declaring war against the USA and thought to myself 'Man, this guy isn't f'ing around. We may think he is, but he isn't.'

    The crossing point was on 9/11 when there could be no doubt whatsoever in the mind of a rational person who is in pursuit of reality and not a deluded fantasy world.

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    When I was 13. President Kennedy was assassinated on my birthday! I has never been the same!!

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    My Before ended the night two of the officers my Dad worked with came to our house in Flint, Michigan and took my Mom and me to the hospital in their cruiser. I was 11 years old. Dad made it and he lived to finish his career with Flint PD and retire to northern Michigan where he took a job as the Chief of Police with a small township on Lake Huron. After high school, I went into the Big Green, went on an Iraqi vacation, came home, went to school, and now do the same job my Dad did, except I do it in Detroit. My Before ended 20 years ago.

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    Reflecting on the events of the day and recently I started thinking about 9/11 and where I was. It prompted me to remember this. I think there are going to be a lot of people very soon making the transition from before to after.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorkface View Post
    Reflecting on the events of the day and recently I started thinking about 9/11 and where I was. It prompted me to remember this. I think there are going to be a lot of people very soon making the transition from before to after.
    I think you are right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorkface View Post
    Reflecting on the events of the day and recently I started thinking about 9/11 and where I was. It prompted me to remember this. I think there are going to be a lot of people very soon making the transition from before to after.
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    3 events stand out for me. When I was in 3rd Grade my Dad was a Deputy Sheriff, one of the female Deputies was apparently living with an ex-Con aka dirtbag who managed to get his hands on the recall roster when they split up including names and phone numbers for basically everyone in the Department. Everyone went on high alert and I had to memorize a new home phone number because ours changed (at that age I didn't know they could do that, and of course cell phones didn't exist yet). My old man and his best friend a Detective up the street were working Drug Task Force at the time in what was affectionately called the Emerald Triangle in Northern California so our existence was a little odd for a while.

    Fast forward 12-14 years, I'm a Marine Corps Corrections Specialist at Camp Pendleton on a 96-hour weekend and WAY out of bounds, I think we were allowed to be as far from base as 250-300 miles or some such nonsense... but I figured 4 days off, I'm gonna get some and drive to that young college girl in Ashland Oregon... I stop at a Chevron Station in the town of South Weed California off Interstate 5 nearly 800 miles from base walk in the convenience store to get some coffee and the guy behind the counter says I know you, you're Lcpl... He decided it wasn't in his interest to come out from behind the counter but he briefly thought about it.

    This was my Oh shit this can happen anywhere moment... it was followed up a several years later when I was working on the civilian side of the job, I had just relocated back to my home town almost 1000 miles from anywhere I had ever done any of that type of work, I'd just been hired by the local department, and was taking a couple classes at the local Junior College. I walk in the book store and the cashier is a dirtbag that I had rolled up a couple years prior in a most glorious way. To say it was tense would be an understatement. That little gas station moment lesson is the reason I noticed him before he noticed me... when he turned around and saw my giant head smiling with a hearty how the fuck are ya... he didn't know whether to scratch his watch or wind his ass...

    My before and after weren't nearly as traumatic as watching my neighbor get executed, but they were sufficient to alter my perspective and alertness level to the point that they have kept me upright and effective over the years.
    Semper Fi!

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    9/11/2001, I was directing a small 20 bed step down ICU/PACU, when I witnessed the events on a patients TV. How am I going to stabilize these patients for emergency transport and to what location if this was a nationwide assault? A few quick calls to make sure my wife was home safe and not sure when I would be home given the logistics and uncertainty of the event. It was limited to NYC, however, my staff and I remained in house for the next 36 hours as 'just in case'.

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    For me, three events defined my decision to train and to be armed at all times. One was when I was 15 in 1984. It was during that time I was in high school in Massachusetts and we had found out that in India, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had been assassinated. The rioting that followed while bad as it was, what defined it for me was seeing Sikhs who were armed, defending their neighborhoods and prevailing against those who wanted to kill the unarmed among them. Those who were unarmed, suffered while those who were armed and willing to face death with their eyes open facing the enemy influenced my decision.

    Second event was after I got married in 1996 an realized that in addition to myself, I have a wife that I wanted to protect. That made me realize that I wanted to make myself as strong as possible both physically and financially so that I can counter threats to my family.

    My third event was after watching two planes crash into the twin towers and saw the massive loss of life that occurred due to evil perpetrated in the name of a religion that has been doing this kind of evil for centuries.

    I will mention that prior to those events, I always had a love of weapons and weapons training which I took to due to my grandfather. But during that time as a teenager, I was alot more carefree and did not have to go through many of the things that I see in the previous posts. Stuff that I had been through were mostly fights that I had as a teenager and as a kid.


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