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    Born in 1938 (before) started grade school in 1943. Later but still early on I was aware of the two oceans surrounding us. Politicians think only about themselves. 9/11 erased the two oceans. Thus attacks end with the anchoring shot not before.
    Prepare train and practice.
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    I was straddling the fence of before and now back in the late 1990s when I became ever more conscious of the existence of al-Qa'ida and 'the Afghan Alumni.' I already felt things were going to be bad in 1996 when I saw UBL on TV declaring war against the USA and thought to myself 'Man, this guy isn't f'ing around. We may think he is, but he isn't.'

    The crossing point was on 9/11 when there could be no doubt whatsoever in the mind of a rational person who is in pursuit of reality and not a deluded fantasy world.

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    When I was 13. President Kennedy was assassinated on my birthday! I has never been the same!!

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    My Before ended the night two of the officers my Dad worked with came to our house in Flint, Michigan and took my Mom and me to the hospital in their cruiser. I was 11 years old. Dad made it and he lived to finish his career with Flint PD and retire to northern Michigan where he took a job as the Chief of Police with a small township on Lake Huron. After high school, I went into the Big Green, went on an Iraqi vacation, came home, went to school, and now do the same job my Dad did, except I do it in Detroit. My Before ended 20 years ago.

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