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    I had a long discourse today with a friend from high school. She was concerned about all the terrorism today and wanted advice. She had been living in the "before".
    What is the before?

    Last year I was in California for my mom's 75th birthday. I was manning the BBQ and took off my outer cover, to a tank top. I had a small Glock tucked into the belt line and one of my small nieces walked up and asked me what that was...pointing at my Glock. Much to the horror of her mother, I said it was in case bad guys showed up.

    She smiled that little girl smile all fathers of daughters remember and said, "There are no bad guys in our world".

    I smiled and said...that is right...but there are in mine.

    We all recall the "Before". These were the days when everything was good. Our moms and dads would make everything right and good. There was food, and a roof when it rained.

    We were safe.

    My Before ended when I was seven years old, and I saw the fear in my parent's eyes as we sped to the airport in Havana in the dead of night - hours ahead of the secret police. I had seen the secret police pull my neighbor out of his house and execute him in the street some days earlier.

    Most kids live in the before until their thirties.

    Some never leave the before.

    My "After" is like this.

    I know who is sitting in the restaurant when I order my drink...I have scanned the room and identified points of concern. I know where the exit is, and I have developed a hasty plan on killing anyone there that may be a threat, as well as the best ways of getting out before my drink is delivered to the table.

    When I speak to an unknown, I gauge them, physical attributes, strength, mobility, and weapons. I sit with my back to the wall...or the exit.

    I know all the cars on the road with me and if i see one more than twice, I look further. I do not answer the door without a weapon, and have an assault rifle by the bed.
    I train my body hard every day, in anticipation of a fight. And I do all of this casually and almost without realizing it. It has become a part of my nature. I have seen death and I am comfortable with it...ready to meet it if necessary...or meet it out...whatever the circumstances may call for.

    Not blustering...ask those who know me.

    My family knows I love them and I never leave something unsaid. I am on good terms with my much as depends on me. I am no longer a professional "combatant" but still live as if I was.

    I have not lived in the before for many years.

    We recall those before days...and the day we received information...whether in a police or military briefing or as a firsthand witness to evil. Everything prior to that is the Before. Before we saw evil...before we saw violence...and before we decided that we would not be its prey. And once we stop living in the before, we find ourselves above the silly strivings of common men. We no longer worry about the social rules, nor the signs. We have a clear understanding of what we need to do as we move through the crowds of the people still living hopefully in the before.

    I think many of you have made the transition recently. It has become real. One of my old partners still on the job texted me recently, "We are ready for battle". He had been living in the before...but as a cop in San Bernardino, he is no longer there.

    How about you? Are you still living in the before...or have you moved on to reality and what ugly and frightening as it may be?
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    A few decades ago I left the before. In a weird way, the events that led to my leaving the before I now look at as a blessing.

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    My Before ended April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Tech.

    Somewhere between victim number 10 and victim number 32, as the number killed continued to grow, I realized I had been living The American Lie, instead of The American Dream, that is:

    If I stayed out of the bad side of town, put a deadbolt lock on my cheap front door, didn't go to bars but rather to church on Sundays, I and my family would be safe.

    What a bunch of shit, and I was a naive fool for believing it.

    Eight years later, things have changed: armed almost every waking moment; daughter, brother and a couple friends armed and awake through my influence, usually studying and looking for the next Suarez class to attend...

    When one finally realizes they are in a war zone, life changes.

    I couldn't go back even if I wanted to because I've seen too much, and I've seen it clearly. I know the war could come to me or my family at any moment. It happens to many unsuspecting people Every. Single. Day.

    But I have peace because I am ready.

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    Another good one!

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    Senior year in high school. My friend was shot in the back of the head working his part time job at the deli. Two people came In with guns demanding money, he did everything they asked.They put him on his knees against a wall and pulled the trigger. The rage I had felt while looking at his pieced together face at the funeral had consumed me.From that point on I had decided that I will fight, and die on my own terms. The lessons that he has inadvertently tought me have gotten me through some interesting situations.

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    My before ended when I was 13 and saw 3000 innocent people die on TV after planes started hitting buildings.

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    Mine was quite early in my life. Sometime in elementary school there was a guy who drove his car through a restaurant and started shooting. I was thinking at that age, "how dumb was he, I bet the good guys got him." I had no facts, I was little. Then at some point there was a shooting at a Dallas high school and I was scratching my head. Then, when I was a junior in high school, two sorry sacks of human life went into a high school in Colorado and did the most awful thing I could remember in a long time. I was worried. From that point on I set out not to be a victim. If people could walk into what I deemed before as a safe zone and shoot kids, nobody was safe. Anywhere.


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    Mine ended when I was 8 and a neighborhood druggie who was probably 25 -30 decided it would be a good idea to beat and kick the shit out of me, then drag me through gravel and throw me in a mud puddle. People do crazy shit.

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    Excellent write up, very thought provoking.

    When I really think about it, if I needed to because I can't really remember a time where I didn't feel the need to be armed. I had been out of the good Lords Marine Corps for a few years and was visiting some relatives in National City, CA, when some nut job decided he wanted to "Hunt humans" as he said, we were only a couple of miles away. You'll never know where, so it pays to be ready, always.

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    Yesterday my bride asked me as we headed out the door "you're wearing that thing, right?". First time in 25 years.

    SB ended her before.
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