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.25 Seconds per round is the average from the study. So for 17 rounds= 4.25 seconds.

But the hand wringers would have you believe that, "oh my god they shot him so many times." The executed him. I think in the case of Darrin Wilson it was 10 rounds...I listened an audio from a caller leaving a voicemail( i believe ) that was nearby when the shots were fired. The cadence even with his Sig was pretty close to that a , a pause as he exited the vehicle and then continued a couple more rounds. They tried to make a lot out of the 10 rounds when I think the audio is about 8 sec from first to last shot.

What else? Well because the turds people face are somewhat, kind of at one time, from the human race or at least started there until they morphed into mutants. This means they can do the same on average. IE: If you have a 1 sec draw and fire 1 round and you are reacting to seeing the gun, you are 2-3 rounds behind. If gun is out and pointed at you when you react, you can be 4 rounds behind.

#3: Novice vs Expert Shooters, under stress who is more accurate with their shots, What percentage better is the group you chose?

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Expert is more accurate. You have to have to have some serious skills to be considered an expert in my opinion. I'm going to say at least a 100% improvement. Might even be something like 200%.