A bit of thread necromancy here. I ended up with a Surefire 6PX Pro dual output. My work gun runs an Inforce APL, so I get my single output, high intensity, pro-active gunfighting light from that.

As is, the dual output is actually super handy. I use the low to dig around my vehicle and kit bag, to find things that I know where to find them, and to otherwise go about my life. The high-output can be used for searching, trying to locate something that I do not know where to find it, and to illuminate / mark objects for others.

If I didn't have a single output light on my firearm, I would much prefer a single output handheld.

Finally, sometimes I wish that I had the G2 polymer body, because the light ends up spending some time in my mouth (yuck!), and the polymer would be easier on my teeth. Real shit to think about.