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    Default CRG-1 with Randy Harris, Dayton, TN 7-18, 19

    I just completed CRG-1 with Randy Harris.

    I had received other, very good training before attending the class, and was concerned about having repeating or conflicting material here. My worries were unfounded. Randy very competently took us through related and essential classroom material, much of which was new to me, and all of which was very useful.

    The range portion of the class was also excellent. Mr. Harris is very proficient on the range, and took us through many drills; all of which where applicable, and many of which were eye-opening . I am glad I attended, and look forward to taking CRG-2 with Randy Harris in the future.

    My only complaint: I wish it was closer to home (Tulsa) but I'm willing to drive a day's journey away for great training like this.

    ETA: the other class participants were unanimous in their appreciation for Mr. Harris and the class.

    Thank you.

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    Ditto that.

    Great class, great range. A lot of material was covered for a "basic" class, both in the classroom and on the range. Brought to the surface some weak points in my gear that had otherwise gone unnoticed. Even got to shot a couple RMR'd glocks... Nice.

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    Thanks for the kind words guys. Look forward to seeing both of you in class again!
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