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    Quote Originally Posted by ERNESTO
    Anthony, if you ever hapen to come down south jast let my now, it would be my pleasure to buy you a couple of beers and ask you as manny questions as posible... ( I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina )

    Best regards.


    We have another WT member from your city, - 'PABLO THUNDERGLOCK', and he has also invited me down to BA. ( You might wish to contact him via a WT 'Private Message'. He is a great person.)

    So now I have two invitations to visit and two friends in your city. :)

    I first visited BA in December, 1981, for a week.
    Beautifull women, great food, and great hospitality. I was very impressed!

    My second visit to your country in April 1982, was not so good, obviously. I was a POW, having defended the Island of South Georgia on the second day of the war.

    I have not returned since then.

    But I really would like to visit your country again. It would be a pleasure and an honor.
    I respect both your country and the people.
    Fuck the politicians who sent us to war.

    I would also have to visit the memorial to your war dead, and pay my respects.

    Best regards,

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    ERNESTO Guest
    Yes Anthony I know Pablo Thunderglock, in fact we are good friends (we also happen to work together), + 1 on FUCK politicians, but as soldiers we have to do Wat we have to do, its been a long time since the War, so you're going to be most welcome, and I would be most honored showing you around.
    Thank you for your kind words.

    Best regards.


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    Gabe you posted an interesting article on 03082006 concerning AK Tactics and TECHNIQUES.Would you or have you posted a similar article on the FNFAL?

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