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    Thumbs up FAL Tactics and Techniques

    To stay on the concept of maximizing a specific weapon type, lets discuss the FAL. There are almost as many FALs as AKs. In fact, I would consider the FAL as an essential study for the rifleman (along with the M16, AK47, G3, M14 series).

    I have two FALS. Both of them are built on Imbel receivers with Stg 58 parts. On has been dedicated as a precision rifle (accurized to a degree and a TA01 ACOG scope I got from Liberty Or Death a few years ago.

    The .308 cartridge is interesting in that it will do everything very well. It can work as a CQB weapon. This has been proven in service with the British Army as well as by various other militaries around the world. Although I am not a 5.56 basher, or one to dismiss the 7.62x39, I will say that the .308/7.62x51 cartridge has some definite advantages in terms of reach, precission, and penetration. It may be more suitable as an individual's cartridge for those reasons.

    The FAL is the most ergonomical rifle I have handled. Some would say the AR is the most user friendly. The FAL leaves the AR way behind. On the FAL, everything is in the right place.

    Magazines are easy to locate as are receivers and parts kits to put the weapon together (for now).

    The FAL has a usable safety, an easily reached bolt handle, and magazine changes are accomplished in the same manner as the AK.

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    Gotta love the FAL! It's wonderfully ambidextrous. Unfortunately, the inexpensive parts kits have about dried up.

    Magazine catch - The magazine catch is a paddle type; the same as an AK. The paddle catch is handy for either thumb.

    Bolt hold open - I prefer to use the charging handle rather than the bolt catch but, for those who prefer the latter, the bolt stop is easily reached with the thumb of either hand. Seat the magazine, tug to make sure it’s seated, and release the bolt with the thumb of the same hand manipulating the mag.

    Charging handle - I don’t recommend the folding charging handle and prefer the fixed type. With the left hand, simply catch the charging handle with the edge of the hand, bring it all the way back and release. With the right hand, I prefer to come over the top of the weapon. Cant the ejection port down, come over the top and catch the charging handle with the edge of the hand.
    The Israelis used a charging handle that could be used as a forward assist. Several people have successfully modified those for use on the metric FALs. I only use a forward assist if I want to load the chamber quietly and ease the bolt closed. If the bolt fails to close completely when released from the fully rearward position, the last thing I want to do is jam things up further by banging on a forward assist.

    Safety - I recommend the extended L1A1 type. When firing with the right hand, I have a little trouble reaching the older metric style safety with my thumb when the weapon is shouldered. I just disengage the smaller safety prior to shouldering the rifle.

    Sights - Some of the rear sights have a rather small aperture. A quick touch with a drill will open it right up if you don’t feel like replacing the whole sight.

    If you're shooting one of those 16" barrel bad-boys, you will want an efficient flash suppressor or you'll get a nosebleed if you ever have to fire it in an enclosed space.
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    Imbel, which Gabe mentions, is a Brazilian state company.
    Their FALs are excellent, as are their 1911s, - which are sold in the USA by Springfield Firearms.

    What can I say about a FAL, which I haven't already said in previous posts ?
    For me ?
    Best damn battle rifle ever built.
    Granted, ARs & AKs are lighter and more compact. The AR is probably more accurate. The AK more reliable.
    But there is something about a FAL. - I LOVE the reasuring recoil of the 7.62 NATO round. One knows that one has squeezed off a 'real' round. ;)
    I never found the rifle to be heavy personally. - Then again, carrying so much stuff on one's back, the difference of a couple of pounds over the weight of an AR really didn't matter.

    A long time ago I posted this, but I'll post it again.
    A friend of mine who was SBS, told me the following:
    "We went by canoe, inflatable & helicopter etc, before the landings by Commandos & 'Paras' on the Falklands.
    We went in on 'Fighting Patrols', with the specific task of killing.
    The first time we took ARs.
    The next time we swapped our ARs for FALs ( L1A1s.)
    Next, we took as many GPMGs as we could. - Those without a GPMG, took FALs. - When one goes out with the intention of killing, leave the 5.56 at home. An AR is great on exercise, because it is light, but when you get down to business, you want the biggest, most powerfull calibre you can carry."
    I tend to agree.
    If you have to fight, do not fear death.
    We will all die one day, so fight skillfully and bravely!
    And if it is to be that you die, then at least go to God proudly.
    Meet him as the proud warrior that you once were, and not as a sniveling coward.
    Nobody lives forever.

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    I have a DSA FAL and I love this thing. The adjustable gas system makes this thing a dream to shoot.

    The question I have, is this, from a civilian perspective, can the FAL be effectively and safely used as a CQB weapon?

    As I understand it, common .308 will penetrate many layers of common housing materials.

    Is there ammunition out there that will break up in common housing materials?

    I would LOVE to employ this as my goto weapon in the house, but I have no faith (yet) that it will not endanger the rest of the household and other households if I have to shoot indoors.

    I do have one as my truck gun, but would love to bring one indoors.

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    I have a FN FAL 60.54 Para, I had it since 1988, it has been one of the most reliable rifle i have ever owned. It has a robust reoil but nothing you can't handle, I can get two rounds on target fast and accurate. I currently use an ARMS rail dust cover and a Trijicon Reflex with ARMS thorw lever mount.

    I shoot the FAL with std ball mil-spec ammo but the accuracy is unmatched, easily hitting milk jugs out to 100m and steel torso target out to 400m using the Reflex. never shot it for group but it is battle ready and i am pretty happy with it. I might upgrade the optic to the yet to released Nightforce NSX 1-4x illuminated scope sometime down the line.

    I shoot the FAL with my HK91 often, the FAL does kick a bit harder compare to my heavy buffered 91. the FAL handles a lot smoother and it is more user friendly compare to the usual German egronomics. FAL is definitely a much prettier gun. Compare to the M1a Sout, it is a bit heavier but I seen to be able to be more accurate with the FAL then I can with the M1a... maybe more practicve with the M1a is due.

    with bolt held open, I can reload a lot faster, empty the weapon, dislodge the mag with the support hand, reach for a new mag, rock the mag into the gun and I pull the charging handle to chamber and get weapon back into action. I usually run the stock under my arm pit to get more leverage when reloading.

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    Okay, someone broght up a good point about sights,

    Let me ask this, if you were to mount the DSA rail cover/scope mount, which is a picatinny rail, would it be possible to use a BUIS like the GG&G or a Knight's?

    Am I missing something, or could you eliminate the FAL's standard sight altogether? To me, it is the one weakness on the FAL.

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    Default FAL Misc.

    I am not an expert , your results etc may vary.

    DS makes an extended safety, of course after we had figured out and set up to convert the L1A1 safety. Buy the DS part, easier and it is a bigger paddle.

    DSA also is the only scope mount I like other than 1 old maybe SouthAfrican? one.

    I also do not like the folding cocking handle, hard to use when wet and in a hurry.

    I very much prefer the recoil spring system in the Para, not damaged if stock is damaged, easier to inspect ( this can be put in a fixed stock gun with a little work). Para folder needs rounding of folder block as in 200+ presentations it will eat you.

    Probably my favorite is a 50.63 clone on DS or Imbel receiver,17 1/2 barrel chrome lined ,short flash hider, folder,but fixed cocking handle, folding stock without lock button, rear sight with ears (I do not like the variation with internal windage screw, moves+ unnecessary)

    If lightness is a big issue try a DSA short gas system gun , 16" barrel , with aluminum lower. Like CAR 15 shorter sight radius but lighter.

    Something that might be worthwhile would be a sand cut bolt carrier altered for the Isreali forward assist. Have not done this, have not had a need but might have advantages.

    Would love to find a good way to get an EOTech to co witness with irons.

    Still learning, still my favorite .308 have had M1A, HK91, Galil, M1 Garand, AR10 all good, but I flow best with FAL. I need all the help I can get.
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    After putting in thousands of rounds of training with the AR systems, the M1A, Garand, and FAL I have decided that the FAL probably strikes the best overall compromise between dependability, ergonomics, accuracy and just plain sexiness.

    While I still prefer the sights and trigger pull on the Garand/M1As the FALs (with 18" barrels) just can't be beat for handiness and it is far easier to clean than the darned Garand systems which makes it nearly impossible for you to clean the barrel from chamber to bore.

    Also, the pistol grip makes it a lot easier to maintain control over during CQB movements than the M1As.

    BTW, has anyone here had any experiences with DS Arm's Scope Mount?

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    I wish you guys would stop posting things like this. It makes me want to go out and buy more goodies. My wife will kill me if I bring another gun home this month.

    AKA G30Jack

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    I will remember that if the monsterous creature is within clubbing range, it is a tight situation, and start clubbing. This is true even if my firearm still works. No reason not to club and shoot at the same time.

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    Default G30Jack, I hear ya

    I'm awaiting the call that my PTR-91 has arrived. This little item will undoubtedly earn me the punishment of 1,000 harsh looks from Wife v1.0 if she finds out in the near future. :(

    In all honesty, considering that my wife is not a "gun person," she is exceedingly tolerant of my hardware addiction. It must be my stunning personality that won her over. :D

    Depending on how this rifle works out, I'm hoping to acquire an FAL sooner rather than later.

    SMGLee or any other HK91 shooters, do you recommend for or against a recoil buffer for my clone?


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