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    Gone just a couple of months now, this is Samson, the Captain of the Guard...buck stud Akita/Convict mix that loved me above and mostly to the exclusion of all others. Like the candle that burns twice as bright, Samson was gone from this world all too soon.


    Our new boy, Jessie 'Boondock' Mutt (AKC Husky) Here 8wk old Jessie is waking up from another 45min coma...30sec later, he'll be doing his Tasmanian Devil impersonation.

    Jessie in a blanket.JPG

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    Macy Ella, Red Merle Aussie

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    Ava, 6 month old Great Dane.

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    Ole Huckleberry often falls asleep reading the good boo
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    Sniffer the dachshund and THE B--CH Kitty
    Dog bites your ankles while the cat claws
    her way to your face.
    There are three useless things in the world.
    An empty gun - A dull knife - And liberals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by warriorscience4u View Post
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    Baghdad Betty, going UC at the market. Pound puppy of German wire hair.

    Next pup will be a Belgian Malmoise. Looking for a rescue on those.
    I read about a Maligator that ate about a dozen rounds of .308. Seems just the dog for WarriorTalk, hahaha.
    "they have no basis of comparison and have trouble understanding how an education in violence is presented and have to struggle through the internalization of the topic."
    -Greg Nichols

    "mediocrity is the order of the day and everyone gets a trophy just for showing up."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fjordforder View Post
    I read about a Maligator that ate about a dozen rounds of .308. Seems just the dog for WarriorTalk, hahaha.
    Haha, yup, Give blood; tease a malinoise....

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    Nothing better than a boy and his first pup!
    "Public employee unions are an inherently seditious construct"
    "If you see something, say something... so we can call you a racist!"
    "Zen? Meh! Who needs it? All that effort to achieve nothingness and what do you got? Bupkis!

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    Pic of my husband's dog Kido. He is in doggie heaven now, but he was trained for nitrate interdiction and was 100 pounds. For that matter, my dh is probably in doggie heaven too, cause it wouldn't be heaven for him without dogs.

    phone 182.jpg

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