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    New Prescott transplant from AK
    2014-08-26 17.39.10.jpg

    This is my Ichi. Best little buddy a guy could ever ask for. He was brought home after my heart healed from having to put both of my girls (rotties) down the same day.

    His only problem is his size doesn't equal his attitude, so we have to be careful in the sticks.
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    Default Hounds of war: Let`s see `em!

    Mika is a GSD/Shiba Inu mix I rescued. Very loyal, and uncannily smart. I swear she can read my mind...



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    cooper on couch.jpg

    Here's Cooper keeping watch over the activities from his sofa lookout. He's about 3 in this picture. He's a Boxer, AM Staff mix, we got him from a high kill shelter and he was 2 days away from being put down, I couldn't have designed a better dog.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EDELWEISS View Post
    Ok you did it! Ive got Mom's 15+ year old Dachshund; but Ive been thinking of what to do when he goes. I think I want either a German Sheppard or a Rottweiler. My first thought was a puppy from a breeder, I never considered a rescue. Is there anything I should know? Should I be worried about bad habbits, problems with other dogs/kids, etc from rescue dogs? Where do I start?
    Contact me.

    All of my dogs are rescued and as mentioned I volunteer with rescues too.
    Kaiser is actually a breeder dog from a good breeder. He was an owner surrender because the owner was too allergic. So I basically got a $3K dog for $300.
    Yes some of the dogs can be a bit messed up and may not be a good match for you. In most cases working with an experienced trainer and some patience you can end up with a great dog. Rosie was a street dog before we got her. I've worked with her for the past year and she is now an extremely loyal and loving dog who has turned in to a complete diva around the house. Lola was fearful when I got her and she is still reactive to other dogs outside the house. However, now with the family she is very outgoing and very loyal.
    Decide what breed you want and locate a local rescue for that breed. If they are any good they should be able to match you up with what you are after. Want to train for SAR, just a buddy to watch movies, or you want to do competitive agility: tell the rescue and they'll work with you to find a dog that fits what you want. If you can't find any local contact me (for German Shepherd or muts) and I'll help.
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    Some good looking dogs here, I'd post a pic of my 14 pound killer but he's camera shy...

    I grew up with St Bernards, and my next one will be a German Shepard, or St Bernard.

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    Clancy waiting patiently for his evening walk.

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    9-2013 016.jpg

    Sammy and Sophie resting up after a long day of dispensing death to all who threaten the sanctity of our home.

    california vacation 003.jpg

    Sammy in his typical neutral fighting stance.


    Sophie poised to attach a small child...
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    The new runnin buddy, Delilah. Rescue pit bull/ boxer mix.
    July 2011
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    The first one always want to go with me, the second is too smart to go with me. Both are rescue dogs found about three years apart, both were great additions to the home. I did explain the dangers of wearing a BARKA to the first in Texas.
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    11081409_10205395990111954_2999854611111334115_n.jpgMeet "Sonny" , as in Corleone . He's my son's dog ;
    An Australian Dingo .
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