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I am very pro-malinois and can’t imagine not having one but I caution people all the time that they are a challenge!
I was very lucky my first one was an adult dog and by malinois standards very mello but he is still a commitment in required mental and physical stimulation. I work my dogs a lot and they still are never going to be trustworthy in some situations. There are a lot of malinois’ in rescue right now do to a lack of structure and outlet for their energy and drive some of these would be great “starter” mals but line up resources for training and tips and tricks prior to getting one to avoid disaster.
Your dogs look great—handsome ones over there. I love that shepherd look (then there's my wife, who likes small dogs but also likes larger ones—I simply won't consider getting a little one). And yeah, if we ever get a Malinois, it'll be a number of years from now, when I have more time to work them. We could likely do a GSD a little sooner, but for now, we need a chill hiker and lounger.