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    Quote Originally Posted by SUA SPONTE View Post
    Season 2 of Black Sails is on going... My wife and I got caught up to episode 4 this evening. we give it two thumbs up
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    Just binge watched season 2 of Bosch. Still one of the better cop shows of the last couple of years.

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    Did the same over the weekend. Good story, characters, production.

    Still distracted by his grip. But, that was completely overshadowed by his wearing 10 sq. ft. of black kydex across his back, in L.A. and Vegas. I was sympathy sweating.

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    I pick up interesting production things on the show. He uses two crown vics at least in filming. When picking daughter up from camp you will see that there are no headrests in the car (makes it easier to get angles on the shoot) and the production team has added fabric to cover the holes for the headrest.

    When he goes to the gate community and talking to gate guard you will see no headrests but you will see the holes to install the rests.

    REALLY like the show, though the IA part had me shuddering at some of the tradecraft working UC. At episode 6 now (trying to space it out a bit lol)

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    Quote Originally Posted by randyho View Post
    Still distracted by his grip. But, that was completely overshadowed by his wearing 10 sq. ft. of black kydex across his back, in L.A. and Vegas. I was sympathy sweating.
    Wife & I mock his rig, too...esp the backwards mag pouches. Really liking the show, we're right at ep 6 of season 2, pacing ourselves 'cause it's over all too soon.

    On a related note, I read exactly one of the books and couldn't get past the "left handed .44mag revolver" being a central plot point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gun Mutt View Post
    Wife & I mock his rig, too...esp the backwards mag pouches.
    While I cannot remember the exact when and where - but certainly back in the 1980s - I was taught early on to carry magazines just like that. In fact, and I always speak only for me, I found that the index finger more naturally found itself under the forward edge of the magazine when the magazines were carried way back there.

    However, over time I naturally moved to a bullets forward facing paradigm - as well as the magazines far more forward on my belt.

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    Blame Ted for bringing this one back to life.

    Actually the XO was watching this and I got drawn in when I heard him saying stuff that I have said, would say, and will say verbatim. Next thing you know I'm bingeing. And the next thing you know I'm out of episodes.

    The mag thing still bugs me, the compressed Weaver not so much. Anyone notice that he writes lefty and shoots right handed? Nowadays I run a lefthand duty rig, so I can't cast any stones.

    All that aside, any LAPD/LASD insiders who can comment on the realism of sets, equipment, procedures? Much of what I see rings true (no, not the plots) and it's been


    a hoot to watch.
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    I kinda like the series, but then again I liked Black Echo.

    My wife is a lefty but shoots right handed too.

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    Pretty close from what I recall...but then again...this is supposed to be more current than the Jurassic Period when I was working. The back biting and politics is much worse.
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    Michael Connelly is the author, and he has several series running. I've read everything he's written, and never been disappointed.
    We live off grid, and our only access to the internet is with our cell phones, and two bars of 4g is cause to celebrate, so no TV.
    My guess is that if you like the video, you would really like the books.
    One series that he seems to have dropped is Lincoln Lawyer. Really good book.

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