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    Default AAR: Advanced Rifle Gunfighting in Columbia, SC

    This past weekend, eleven students joined JD and I for a weekend of shooting terrorist targets in the face and chest with rifles and pistols in various new ways.


    They brought a large number of rifles (we have the best prepared students in the world), but primarily ran the following: AR (x5), AR pistol (x2), Arsenal AK-47, SIG556, Tavor (x2). All of the rifles had a red dot, except for the AK. One of the Tavors had an ACOG in addition to a red dot. Everyone used a Glock pistol.


    To quote one of the students (FoF Atlanta): “You really don’t know if your gear is ready to go until you run it in a Suarez International rifle class.” Some of the lessons learned from this class that may be of general interest:

    It is not uncommon for slings to get in front of the muzzle, so make sure the sling does not contain a buckle in the area that is likely to end up in front of the muzzle. A bullet will pass through the sling, but not through a buckle, as you can see:

    Sling buckle.jpg

    Loosing the sling and having the broken end(s) coming back at you is not good for your OODA loop. I saw two other issues caused by sling buckles. I’m starting to think that the correct number of buckles on a sling really is 2, and their location should be as close to the sling swivel as possible. Simple is good.

    One of the Tavor users noticed that chamber checking the Tavor can lead to a malfunction afterwards. Apparently, bringing the bolt back a bit further than you might on an AR prevents that. Putting only the toe of the stock in your shoulder (like SI has been recommending) instead of the whole stock really helps get your correct cheek weld. Changing the orientation of the forward sling swivel solved an issue with the sling interfering during shoulder transfers.

    We also had an unusual malfunction on the SIG 556. Both rounds were stuck pretty good:


    It was having a hard time digesting Wolf .223 on Saturday, but ran better (flawlessly?) on Sunday. Hopefully, its user will chime in here on what made the difference.

    Brownells AR magazine have the “wrong” kind of follower:


    I referred to this issue in my recent article on AR magazines, but thanks to Patriot62 I now have photos of an example to prove it, and have updated the article.

    JD did a really good job explaining bayonet fighting and its current application. Look forward to an article on that.

    Bayonet fighting.jpg
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