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    Default AAR: Advanced Rifle Gunfighting in Columbia, SC

    This past weekend, eleven students joined JD and I for a weekend of shooting terrorist targets in the face and chest with rifles and pistols in various new ways.


    They brought a large number of rifles (we have the best prepared students in the world), but primarily ran the following: AR (x5), AR pistol (x2), Arsenal AK-47, SIG556, Tavor (x2). All of the rifles had a red dot, except for the AK. One of the Tavors had an ACOG in addition to a red dot. Everyone used a Glock pistol.


    To quote one of the students (FoF Atlanta): “You really don’t know if your gear is ready to go until you run it in a Suarez International rifle class.” Some of the lessons learned from this class that may be of general interest:

    It is not uncommon for slings to get in front of the muzzle, so make sure the sling does not contain a buckle in the area that is likely to end up in front of the muzzle. A bullet will pass through the sling, but not through a buckle, as you can see:

    Sling buckle.jpg

    Loosing the sling and having the broken end(s) coming back at you is not good for your OODA loop. I saw two other issues caused by sling buckles. I’m starting to think that the correct number of buckles on a sling really is 2, and their location should be as close to the sling swivel as possible. Simple is good.

    One of the Tavor users noticed that chamber checking the Tavor can lead to a malfunction afterwards. Apparently, bringing the bolt back a bit further than you might on an AR prevents that. Putting only the toe of the stock in your shoulder (like SI has been recommending) instead of the whole stock really helps get your correct cheek weld. Changing the orientation of the forward sling swivel solved an issue with the sling interfering during shoulder transfers.

    We also had an unusual malfunction on the SIG 556. Both rounds were stuck pretty good:


    It was having a hard time digesting Wolf .223 on Saturday, but ran better (flawlessly?) on Sunday. Hopefully, its user will chime in here on what made the difference.

    Brownells AR magazine have the “wrong” kind of follower:


    I referred to this issue in my recent article on AR magazines, but thanks to Patriot62 I now have photos of an example to prove it, and have updated the article.

    JD did a really good job explaining bayonet fighting and its current application. Look forward to an article on that.

    Bayonet fighting.jpg
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    On be half of the "A CREW " Many thanks to you and JD for putting us through the paces and teaching us so many new and creative ways to to shoot them in the face. It was one of the best training classes I have had. Training with SI will teach you your faults and your equipment faults. JD and you both represent SI in a professional and informative way to make us more and more dangerous with each class and skill set thank you both again and can't wait to train with you both keep your powder dry.

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    Thanks JD & Alex for another round of SI training.

    We started off with a "bonus" day on Friday. Review of un/slinging, magazine changes stationary and moving, but mostly a lot of sighted fire from standing & prone. A big focus on getting a good zero, but my Arsenal AK turned out to be very well out-of-the-box zero'd, so I got to have a marksmanship focus day, which was really great for me. We do so much GOTX and point shooting in classes, but the fundamentals are still important and it was good to get in some practice with experienced instructors giving feedback. JD - thanks for the pointers on stance, pulling the elbows in tight, and stabilizing the shooting platform.

    The course proper was Sat & Sun. A huge amount of review of basic/intermediate rifle material - probably 60-70% of the course - the most review of any SI class I have taken. Reviewed elements included: snap shooting, point shooting, shoulder transfers, GOTX, underarm assault, transition to pistol, after-action assessment, malfunctions as they occurred. New material included: filling out the GOTX angles, various modified prone positions (urban, rollover, spetznaz), bayonet/bludgeoning, inquartata. As always I'm sure I'm forgetting some things. The unfamiliar prone positions were quite challenging, and Alex's description of the effects of height-over-bore/bullet path in the horizontal plane was very illuminating.

    A lot of familiar faces at this class, good to train with all you guys. Looking forward to the next one!

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    Advanced Rifle Gunfighting was another great SI class. Alex and JD are both excellent instructors. I have attended many classes taught by them and they always have been extremely knowledgeable and professional. I always feel so much more confident in my abilities after learning from them. I am looking forward to continuing my training with them by my side.

    One of my reasons for taking this class was to see if I could learn to like my Tavor. I was having major problems with accuracy and handling. Thanks to pointers from JD and Alex I exceeded my own expectations. I shot the rifle much better than I thought and surprised myself with how accurate I was with it.

    The class pointed put some of my weaknesses, particularly transfers to the the left side. I have a lot of practice to do!

    There was great group of students in attendance. I am looking to training with you all again.
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    It was fantastic having both Alex and JD at RFG-3. The two of them bring a bunch of different insights and pointers to the material. As one example, Alex ran an AK-47 while JD ran an AR-Pistol. The two of them were able to demonstrate the similarities as well as differences of the various platform. As well, they helped with the two Tavors in the class.

    I was one of the two guys running an AR pistol. JD really caused me to rethink the way that I had been using the pistol. Particularly when it came to things (like transitions) that are a little bit different with the pistol. JD had a lot of good pointers on running the pistol, as well as just good pointers.

    On a personal note, I was the sole lefty in a class of right handers. I really appreciate Alex and JD taking the time and effort tom demonstrate a lot of the material left handed as well as right-handed.

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    I echo my team mates praise above. Excellent class from Alex and JD as always. Great skill builders that integrates CRG with the rifle. This was really a full tilt: run, clear, load and get off the x and put rounds on that count. I really took back a better idea of my gear, as usual with SI classes you will be taught real world skills and test our gear to see if it is up to task. As always SI delivers, professional grade training and skills.

    To my fellow students good job and thanks for a safe solid weekend of skills and tune up. Some familiar faces and new ones, to all peace and blessings.

    To Alex and JD you guys are great and a honor and blessing to train with you both. Thanks for another skill builder weekend and safe training environment. When you up in A'ville beers are on me gents.

    And whatever you do, whether in word or deed do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Colossians 3:17
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    Alex and JD Great class as Always this past weekend. I learned alot and plan on taking some time from my busy life to work on the skill-set that you gave us. The Sig 556 ran without a problem on Saturday and Sunday with American made 5.56 ammo. The Wolf 2.23 ammo may of had a few light rounds in it that the Sig did not like. I am going to run the wolf ammo while training at home for reactive and malfunction clearances. As for the pic of the Sig 556 we were shooting from prone and I had weight on the mag a mush trigger and I pulled back on the charging handle. The rounds were jammed and did not come out easily. Thanks again Alex for helping me with my RMR pistol questions. Look forward to training with you and JD soon.

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    Another great class with Alex & JD. Thanks for your time, effort and professionalism. Suarez is above and beyond what others can even dream of providing.

    I especially appreciate your help with my Tavor. It was NIB and completely new weapon system for me. The bullpup design definitely takes some getting used to and required some changes to manual of arms as opposed to AR. With your training, I am confident that I can use it as my patrol rifle with LCSD. Also, the instruction and training on various prone positions was very helpful. I have read about many of these but putting them into practice was less than effective until this past weekend.

    As a side note, a comment was made about Suarez students being the best prepared. I must agree. everyone was squared away and I know that I learned a few things from my fellow students as well as Alex & JD. A special thanks to EG for pointers on the Tavor. As you said, it's hard to love but it sure gets the job done very well.

    What could be better on a cold morning at the range than firepower & freshly brewed hot coffee?
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    To all, I look forward to training with you again in the future.

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    It was great to train with all of you guys!

    I greatly enjoyed seeing the skill sets honed and being able to impart a few TTP's to give you an extra edge should you need to impose your will on others, or defend yourself and loved ones.

    Hedgedawg you get a Major + for awesome initiative with the field brew, that hit the spot.

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    Another phenomenal class I’ve taken with Alex and now with JD.

    The amount of information covered seems staggering but because it’s introduced progressively and logically, the more complex movements are easily installed because the fundamentals had been drilled into routine.

    As has been mentioned, you find out what your gear can and cannot do in the process of the ARG class. You learn the pros and cons of that new piece of ‘tacti-cool” paraphernalia and whether it will really work as advertised without getting you caught up, tripped up or killed.

    The extra benefit is having a great group of like-minded folks to share and learn from in every SI class.
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