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Thread: CQB Mistake

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    In my case the dogs are purely an alerting mechanism. I don't have the time or skill to train Schutzhund so we'll stick with them returning to me and doing a down stay while I finish whatever is stupid enough to enter a house that just a second ago had a bunch of dogs barking at you from the windows and is now totally silent. You'd think that would make a person go 'say, you think they know we're here?' but then again maybe not. Then we start the lesson about fatal funnels and this house has a lot of them.

    Anyway - I actually liked the lesson from the video. I'm sure most people's instinct is to go see what's going on. They do a pretty good job of showing why that might not be the best first choice. It's also a good reason for me to plan on some new classes in 2015.
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    I still cannot get the video to play at the link.
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    With all the active shooter stuff going on I'm bringing this one back as it has some good info. The video is no longer active but by following the discussion you can get the gist of the content.
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