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    Quote Originally Posted by LawDog View Post
    Keep in mind that Sam is a lefty. Reply With Quote

    I carry a fixed blade at 11:00. Depending on the attire, it is either a RAT-4 or a Gang Unit. Both are attached with a pull-the-dot belt loop. For the Gang Unit, I had to engineer (I use that term loosely) a Kydex tab that is JB welded onto the outside of the sheath.
    Got a photo of this? I had an IWB loop but because it carried so high it would shift undesirably.

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    Quote Originally Posted by H60DoorGunner View Post
    I carry mine at 11 o'clock IWB. My gun rides at the 1 o'clock IWB. I can reach either tool with either hand.


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    I used to carry at 11 o'clock with the bladetech I keep it IWB at 10 o'clock with a piece of paracord.

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