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Thread: Galil ACE?

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    All the new modularity features for the sig xi series I think is hopeful thinking. How many actually swap out barrels for different calibers and such on an ongoing basis? I just buy another gun if I want something like that. The closest I am considering is on ARs, going with a 300aac upper with a standard 566/223 lower and same mags.

    I love my gen 2 556r and don't care to want to shoot 556/223. I think I would just get a 556 if I were so inclined to want to shoot 556 out of it and keep the "software" the same.

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    Dredging up an old thread here since its the only thread the search function found....

    My buddy handled one of the new Galil ACE pistols w the folding brace in 762x39 at the outdoor show.

    He was very impressed and is debating on dropping the coin. Its also threaded to take his can which is also pretty nice.


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    I'm a solid meh here. I like the operation, manual of arms, but it isn't supported widely for parts
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    I'm not fond of the one pice polymer grip/lower receiver. IDC what they claim I don't think the receiver cover rail will hold zero. LAV did a vid with one and he says its massively over gassed even by AK standards.

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