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    I've been doing some intermittent fasts of 16 hours, time will tell if it is beneficial. I may need to stretch the time frame out a little longer.

    This is a really important topic. I gave up vegetable oils long ago, and cook in mostly coconut oil and always use real butter. Mostly drink water (and a little bourbon or scotch) and occasionally a dark stout. Popcorn is my weakness, though I do cook it in coconut oil and top it with real butter and sea salt.
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    I went over two months of eating only after dark. Was not real strict about it. Some days went 15-16 hours between meals, some days 20-23 hours. I found that my energy during the day was more stable, no highs and lows. Any 'hunger pains' were much less if I had been 'low carb' and more if I had been eating carbs during the eating periods. More interesting was that intense workouts when not having eaten for 20 hours was no big deal, I never would have guessed that.

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