I just got done teaching CRG2 with JD Lester in Haw River, NC. What a great class! This was my second trip to this facility, and it has gotten even better than before. Last year, the 3-yard line was at a low spot in the range, causing it to be muddy in places. Shortly after that class, the club was kind enough to bring in a lot of mulch and rocks to move the low spot further away from the backstop.

Here is the first - and only - photo from day one:

I have decided to call this photo The Quiet Before the Storm, because it is the only photo from day one. Once everyone arrived, we dove right into the material, and forgot all about taking photos. On day two, however, JDs very talented daughter came by to take photos, so she more than made up for that. Here is the official class group photo:


The eight students present brought a wide variety of guns. They ranged in size from an RMR-ed G20 with a weaponlight to a PPK. One student brought a Ruger SR-22 to stand in for his Kahr. It ran like a top. Another student used a Wilson 1911 in 9 mm on day 1 and an FN Five-Seven on day 2. A Sig P226, Beretta Centurion, Colt Gold Cup 1911, RMR-ed G17, Springfield XD, and a G21 also made an appearance.

When it came time to cover shooting from cover (pun intended), we made good use of a steel target helpfully provided by the range.


The weather was great, the students loved the material, and there was much good discussion. What a great way to start a Memorial Day weekend!