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    Default AAR shotgun class Knoxville TN

    I had a long weekend this last weekend with SI hits classes sat and sunday in different states and let me say it was worth it! The shotgun class is a must for those that have or use a shotgun for defense. It is the most powerful small arm we as citizen have common access to, and it is a fight stopper in its window of operation. This class was a great at teaching this platform. Randy did a great job with a short history of the shotgun and then going over the different styles of shotgun, advantages and disadvantages of each. Then off to range for working the basics. We covered loading moving and emergency, unloading, transfers, transitions, and getting off the X applying the shotgun or crossing back with a empty shotgun and pouring on the pistol. We covered slug select drills and the options. Also covered was weapon retention of the shotgun in 0-5 feet which is critical given the range that a shotgun shines best at. I really learned a lot and enjoyed this class. Randy thank you for all the positive input and refinement of each of us. This was an eye opener for my buddies to have a teacher that wants them to leave better and more effective. With Alex teaching us on Sunday they were sold on the SI teachers as all top notch. To my fellow students thank you for a safe day of training and to the property owner thank you for having us! -egalloway
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