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    Default AAR CRG-1 in Chattanooga,TN

    What a great weekend of training. This course was my sons 1st class! There was a group of excellent gentlemen and 1 lady. Saturday morning consisted of dry fire work, basic safety handling of the weapon, and the beginners level strong side draw stroke technique. We discussed how to convince a BG to find other prey because of our alertness to avoid them, or using the PEST strategies to deal with them, and how to properly tell a BG to "Back the Bleep Up!!!" with intensity as we orbit of the X. After lunch we began basic CPM study should our adversary need and want the "shooting solution." Great weather that day!!! Sunday 700 am I awoke to cold raining weather, I said Damn!! Then I thought this would help my son build some character in inclement weather.. "if it aint raining it at training" We started the morning with a review of yesterday's' material, questions, and then a new lecture. Mid morning we returned to the range. It was amazing to witness the incredible improvement that all the shooters made. Truly remarkable. All in all a great was had by all. By lunch the weather broke, the sun came out and the temperature probably rose 15-20*!!!! I met some great new people and had some fellowship with some familiar faces. Mr Randy I want to thank you so much for all the extra, extra help that you gave my son.
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