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    Quote Originally Posted by Custom II View Post
    Heavy whipping cream in coffee is delicious! I prefer my coffee black, but when you want added fat, heavy cream adds more flavor in addition to the fatty goodness.
    He did what I expected, but I just wanted to read it spelled out. I've been a fan of coconut oil (and sometimes butter) in coffee for awhile now (since the bulletproof coffee thread).

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    My Grandfather lived to a very strong and healthy age 94 (his mother to 104).

    Everyday he would fry us up some eggs cooked in heavy bacon grease. They would come out speckled black.

    They were soooo good.

    We drank buttermilk to wash it down.

    That said, I think its genetic whether your body can process that or not.

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    Google John Meadows and "The Mountain Dog Diet." He eats all kinds of fat and is very muscular, with a very low body-fat percentage.

    Eating fat does not necessarily translate to an increase in body fat, or cholesterol for that matter.
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    I haven't been following nutritional research, but I do recall that when I was in elementary school, the food pyramid was a lot different. Heavy on meat, eggs, and dairy, then some veggies and grains. I guess I was paying attention. So seeing that big a change in just thirty years does seem odd. We humans haven't changed much so quickly. Finding a political influence here wouldn't surprise me, especially if it's left-wing, testosterone-killing influence.
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    My family, all the generations still around still keep a coffee can of "bacon drippins" in the fridge to cook eggs and other things in . Talk about baconny goodness. The only guy in my family to die young was my maternal grandfather, he died in his late 50's of a heart attack. But not before catching a filght back to his wife and saying goodbye. FM (Frances Marion, but you called him FM) was a strapping Irish lad who entered the Navy in WWII and in addition to boxing golden gloves was selected for the naked warriors. He drank a quart of half and half for lunch every day ( was in the dairy business for a few years after the war and the habit stuck with him).

    I still remember going to the pool with him as a child, I could throw and arm over one shoulder and the other arm under his armpit and he would swim the length of the pool under water on a single breath (in his 50s) with me on his back.

    I don't believe it was the dairy that killed him, rather I think it was the additional stresses to his heart and lungs during his wartime service.

    I still prefer half and half to milk, thanks paw paw

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    Quote Originally Posted by Custom II View Post
    Heavy whipping cream in coffee is delicious! I prefer my coffee black, but when you want added fat, heavy cream adds more flavor in addition to the fatty goodness.
    I tried this this morning. A little pat of organic grass-fed butter, a dollop of heavy whipping cream, a couple drops of pure vanilla and a dash of cinnamon. Drink, repeat, repeat again. Not bad, I think I can get used to it. I've purposely not eaten breakfast today, and I'm feeling OK so far.

    I've been trying to overcome my dependence on flavored creamer, and this might be the ticket.
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    Just like with gunfighting, religion, and economics, what the authorities and experts want you to know may not necessarily be the truth. Study deeply and find out for yourself.

    I dumped the out-of-shape doc that told me that I was overweight at 177 and 10% bodyfat. I have a new doc. He is 57 and built just like me. Looks 40. We were discussing all of this and he told me that his cholesterol was 250, but he didn't care because it didn't matter like others say it does. There are guys out there that have dropped the company mantar bullsh*t and are speaking/practicing the truth...while the crap-peddlers act like we should all be eating low fat pasta, and have the T-levels of a grandmother with zero cholesterol.

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    I had a skinny fat Army doc tell me in January that my cholesterol was to high at 256. I asked him what my HDL was and he told me 87. I already knew this but wanted to hear him say it. I asked him what his HDL was and he avoided the question. He did stop talking about cholesterol meds after that though.

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    If anyone wants to see the gory details, is part one of 8 or so articles on how what cholesterol is and how the body handles it and why the common labs are kind of useless.

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    My doctor told me that my bad cholesterol was a little elevated.....but my good cholesterol was it offsets the effects of the right and exercise.
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